VIDEO: Worried-Looking Trudeau Says Politicians “Can’t Be Lying To Canadians,” Not Realizing He’s Talking About Himself

Some self-awareness struggles for the PM.

Speaking to the media, a worried and stressed-out looking Justin Trudeau had a serious lapse in his self-awareness (if he ever really had any).

In response to a question from the media about his lawsuit threat against Andrew Scheer – a threat he seems hilariously unwilling to actually follow through on – Trudeau said this:

“…you can’t be inventing things, you can’t be lying to Cdns & I think highlighting that there are consequences…when politicians choose to twist the truth & distort reality for Cdns—it’s not something we’re going to put up with”

Trudeau is 100% right in his comments.

The only problem for Trudeau is that he seems to be unaware that he was actually talking about himself.

He’s the one whose been inventing things.

He’s the one who has twisted the truth.

And he’s the one who has tried to distort reality.

And yes, Canadians don’t want to put up with it, which is why his polling numbers have collapsed.

How can he be so unaware of his own actions and the consequences of those actions?

Very disturbing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Peoplekind see and feel things differently, kinda like budgets balance themselves, Carbon taxes are neutral and stop pollution, LIEberals lie, and Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives seem to be telling the truth, funny thing about laws and Lieberal “tainted untruths” and ethics etc..

E. Cooper

Comedy will be his next career I think — but then it will be intentional.


He’s losing sleep, he’s stressed, pressured. It’s affecting his sense of reality & truth. Maybe even a bit paranoid. Better days after the Oct. election JT you’ll get some down time.


I can’t believe how stressed out Trudeau, what no selfies today

Don Taylor

trudeau this arrogant,disgusting POS is the one that has been the biggest liar our country has ever seen and he is the one to be aware of

Major Tom

Let’s put ‘treason’ back in the Criminal Code of Canada………


Justin Trudeau, putting the “reason” back in “treason” since 2015.


So says the lying SJW who’s trying to pose as Prime Minister of Canada.

yvon monahan

The TURD appears stressed out big time , he is an asset to the CPC I hope he hangs in until the election I am really surprised that the LIBRANOS have not removed him yet.


When I Trudeau said that Scheer was lying to Canadians, the words that came out of my mouth were “This Idiiot is talking about himself and doesn’t even know it”. How pathetic that we have a PM who is this stupid and a pathological liar who either doesn’t even admit to it or is just plain stupid to not realize it. All Canadians who voted in this clown should be Ashamed of themselves! What were you thinking or were you even thinking?We have to Vote Clown Boy OUT!

Ron Condly

Ann I would suggest this “Idiot” does know he is talking about himself. I believe the PM is the mouth piece of a highly developed and refined propaganda machine that is rooted deeply in the PMO’s office utilizing well established and proven techniques going back to earlier political regimes who wished to manipulate their populace. A past Minister of Propaganda stated “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or… Read more »

peter black

Its very simple. He is just plain stupid and has no idea what is happening in Canada. His puppet master is failing him and Conservatives will crush him like a little ant

Doug Maenpaa

What will Scheer do, if he forma a majority ?
Same as Harper, he’ll walk around on eggshells all the time, and fritter away this opportunity.
Nothing worthwhile will get done, like cleaning out the CBC.


Trudeau definitely has big issues, he truly believes what his lies. A mental health assessment wouldn’t hurt.

Bill Quest

J.T.’s sanctimonious claims …. That lying to Canadians is wrong …. Accusing Scheer of being deceitful ~!?!
Now I’m 100% sure his synapsis aren’t firing correctly …..
The Irony of this great pretender’s statement is absolutely scrumptious.
J.T.’s feral narcissism infused with a denial psychosis creates a distorted sense of objective reality…..
J.T. habitually tilts at the windmills in his head { his default mode }
J.T. needs to lay down on a psychiatrics’ couch for a good long session.
Election slogan;
Justin Trudeau …..
That ‘Bogus-Feminist’ is just too ethically challenged…..


Since I’ve said before they elected idiot..never mind not ready…… not fit.

shawn harris

To think the remaining members of the Liberal caucus are willing to backup Trudeau and follow him into the coming election in October. The whole Liberal party is not only detached from reality , they are now in full delusional operating mode. Trudeau says the public won’t stand for a liar or someone who invents reality and accuses others of lying and distorting the truth, yet he completely and fully described himself perfectly. And now he thinks this will excuse and justify his arrogant deceitful and lying behaviour, while pleading with Canadians to give him another chance at power. He… Read more »


The Radio Canada skit of Trudeau at the end of 2018 nailed it. Shortly after talking to the press (above photograph), he rushed off to his office to smoke a joint. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

Ripper Oakley

What a complete moron.


Got to be a mental problem….i’m Sure there’s a name for it.

Eleanor Merkus

Disturbing? Yes, but he is disturbed beyond help. Poor fellow knows not what is truth anymore (if he ever did?). This job is way out of his league. Should have been a clown, and one who can’t speak. Maybe a mime.


Typical leftard – stifle any criticism by running to the courts to shut up free speech.


That plug was for the Quebec voters. That’s why he spoke in French, however, he seems to think voters aren’t smart enough to see he’s a pathological liar!