HYPOCRITE: After Years Of Demonizing Conservatives For Wanting Border Security, Trudeau Makes Asylum Law Changes As Election Nears

All of a sudden it’s okay to make clear that people from the U.S. aren’t real asylum seekers?

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have spent years demonizing Canadians – especially Conservative Canadians – who want our border secure and our border laws respected.

The Liberals even demonized Canadians who used the realistic description ‘illegal border crossers,’ rather than the BS ‘irregular crossers.’

For years, Conservatives kept saying that people illegally entering Canada from the US are not legitimate asylum seekers, since people fleeing the US are not fleeing a dangerous country and thus cannot be seeking asylum.

In response, the Liberals repeatedly said that the Conservatives were ‘demonizing immigrants’ and ‘fear-mongering.’

Yet, with an election nearing, Trudeau has reversed course, making changes to asylum laws.

According to the CP, “The changes would prevent asylum-seekers from making refugee claims in Canada if they have made similar claims in certain other countries, including the United States — a move Border Security Minister Bill Blair says is aimed at preventing “asylum-shopping.”


Isn’t that interesting.

All of a sudden the Trudeau Liberals think it’s okay to call ‘asylum seekers’ ‘asylum-shoppers’ and make clear that they aren’t making legit claims?

That’s not racist now?

That’s not anti-immigrant?

That’s not bigoted?

Well, then Trudeau damn well owes all Conservative Canadians an apology for spending years demonizing people who wanted our border laws respected.

It’s total hypocrisy, and the fact that Trudeau also tried burying the changes in the omnibus budget is cowardice.

He demonized Canadians for exactly what he’s now doing, and he doesn’t even have the guts to admit it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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” From the very beginning …….” ????? you have put your feet and boots in your mouth …

pancake rachel corrie

god …..what a sick little demented man

Phil Alexander

Geez, what will our fearful leader do next?
1. Praise Stephen Harper
2. Make nice with Doug Ford
3. Play golf with Donald Trump

D Met

More BS from the prince of BS.


Too little, too late. Trudeau has taken us too far down the rabbit hole. We are now living in Clown World and that’s where we’ll remain unless we vote him out in October.

Moe S.

Trudeau must believe Canadians are a bunch of maple suckers. Yeah, now he’s going to enforce the law? None of the 50,000 Syrian refugee’s were vetted. Only 1% per cent of the 34,000 illegal asylum seekers have been removed. Those ordered to leave, only 1 in 5 have done so. As of April, there are 4,076 illegal asylum seekers waiting for a court hearing. What’s Trudeau doing about the ones already here? NOTHING!!!


This Bastard and his Liberal Cronies have pretty well Destroyed this once Wonderful Country with over 40,000 Immigrants/Illegals/Migrants coming into Canada in 2018. He calls them Regular and Irregular. Canadians call them “ILLEGALS”! Trudeau’s “Regular and Irregulars” have cost Hard Working Tax Payers billions of Dollars. Meanwhile, there has been NO money for Veterans, NO money for Aboriginal Clean Water living on Reserves, NO Money for Canadians who cannot afford their Prescriptions, NO increases for CPP and OLP for Seniors, NO Money for all the Unemployed in Alberta, and the list goes on. Sorry Trudeau, you were told to Stop… Read more »


It is disgusting that barbie has $12,000,000 so one of their massive corporate donors can buy fridges, but Veterans are asking for more than the Liberal caucus is willing to give. Ask the Liberal MP’s where the money is for your new $3000 fridge.

We wake every day wondering how many more people have been killed by terrorists around the world, how much more hatred is being spewed at Israel and what other really stupid things Liberals have done in the last 24 hours.


Aside from the hypocrisy, there is also the likelihood that this will do far less good than it sounds, if any good at all. I’ve seen no indication that any of the hordes entering the US by air on tourist visas and immediately heading for well-publicized illegal-immigrant border-crossing sites have sought asylum in the US upon arrival therein. They would, then, be completely unaffected by this, and could continue to enjoy the services of the Royal Canadian Mounted Bellhops and free room, board, and health care in perpetuity (or Conservative win, whichever comes first). Now, is this being done by… Read more »


Done by design, Mark. Trudeau thinks this will make him look good whereas it will do nothing at all. Many of those that have lived in the States for a few years didn’t bother to apply for citizenship, therefore they aren’t “refugees”, and others spend thousands to fly to the States, grab a cab and head directly for the wide open Canadian Border. They can afford huge airline tickets therefore they can afford their own living costs while they hang around waiting to get deported.


I don’t believe a single word he says. This is ploy to get votes, after that, when, and if he is re-elected, he will continue from where he left off.
Have you notice Justin greeting legal refugees from the previous government but refuses to greet his illegals at the borders? It tells you that he will look bad greeting his own illegals and look good greeting a legal refugees.
In fact, the illegals should have known that they are being used by Justin to suit his own personal agenda.

Don Taylor

Trudeau is a disgusting piece of work,he blows with the wind

alan skelhorne

the guts to do what, he is and always has been a coward. like father like son.

peter black

This PM is simply a POS

David MacKAY

This is actually funny – Justin Trudeau who has unaccountably and carelessly opened Canada’s borders
now senses this might have been unwise for an election run.
Has Canada ever had such a colossal fool for a prime minister?
Little wonder his trusted adviser Gerald Butts bailed on him.


He has stated that he wants to allow millions more into Canada. I believe that it was one hundred million total population in ten years? We would be overwhelmed 3-1.


A consummate liar clearly proving that — notwithstanding, according to the dictionary, committing treason by declaring we have no borders.