HYPOCRITE: After Years Of Demonizing Conservatives For Wanting Border Security, Trudeau Makes Asylum Law Changes As Election Nears

All of a sudden it’s okay to make clear that people from the U.S. aren’t real asylum seekers?

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have spent years demonizing Canadians – especially Conservative Canadians – who want our border secure and our border laws respected.

The Liberals even demonized Canadians who used the realistic description ‘illegal border crossers,’ rather than the BS ‘irregular crossers.’

For years, Conservatives kept saying that people illegally entering Canada from the US are not legitimate asylum seekers, since people fleeing the US are not fleeing a dangerous country and thus cannot be seeking asylum.

In response, the Liberals repeatedly said that the Conservatives were ‘demonizing immigrants’ and ‘fear-mongering.’

Yet, with an election nearing, Trudeau has reversed course, making changes to asylum laws.

According to the CP, “The changes would prevent asylum-seekers from making refugee claims in Canada if they have made similar claims in certain other countries, including the United States — a move Border Security Minister Bill Blair says is aimed at preventing “asylum-shopping.”


Isn’t that interesting.

All of a sudden the Trudeau Liberals think it’s okay to call ‘asylum seekers’ ‘asylum-shoppers’ and make clear that they aren’t making legit claims?

That’s not racist now?

That’s not anti-immigrant?

That’s not bigoted?

Well, then Trudeau damn well owes all Conservative Canadians an apology for spending years demonizing people who wanted our border laws respected.

It’s total hypocrisy, and the fact that Trudeau also tried burying the changes in the omnibus budget is cowardice.

He demonized Canadians for exactly what he’s now doing, and he doesn’t even have the guts to admit it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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