INTOLERANCE: Unhinged Liberals Attack Andrew Scheer For Reaching Out To Muslim Canadians

In their desperation and rage, the Liberals are becoming more and more unhinged.

In what is clearly a PMO-ordered strategy to try and distract from the SNC-Lavalin PMO Corruption Scandal, the Trudeau Liberals are trying to demonize Andrew Scheer to an absolutely absurd degree.

But in their desperation and rage, the Liberals are becoming more and more unhinged, and their attacks are incoherent, and even unintentionally hilarious.

In their latest mudslinging attempt, the Liberals are attacking Andrew Scheer for reaching out to Muslim Canadians.

Here’s what Liberal MP Salma Zahid Tweeted:

“Yesterday @AndrewScheer met with Imans and Muslim leaders in Scarborough. But he didn’t tweet about it, and access to the Facebook post is restricted. Why is he hiding his outreach? Worried about the base? Does he have different messages for different audiences?”

Here’s the problem with this.

The post wasn’t secret.

It wasn’t restricted.

It’s public.

Andrew Scheer reached out to Muslim Canadians, and the Liberals are now trying to attack him for it.

It’s intolerance at it’s worst, and – as I’ve been saying for a long time – it shows that the Trudeau Liberals are willing to tear Canada apart in their desperate attempt to hold onto power.

We must reject the intolerance of the Trudeau Liberals and stand up for all Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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