INTOLERANCE: Unhinged Liberals Attack Andrew Scheer For Reaching Out To Muslim Canadians

In their desperation and rage, the Liberals are becoming more and more unhinged.

In what is clearly a PMO-ordered strategy to try and distract from the SNC-Lavalin PMO Corruption Scandal, the Trudeau Liberals are trying to demonize Andrew Scheer to an absolutely absurd degree.

But in their desperation and rage, the Liberals are becoming more and more unhinged, and their attacks are incoherent, and even unintentionally hilarious.

In their latest mudslinging attempt, the Liberals are attacking Andrew Scheer for reaching out to Muslim Canadians.

Here’s what Liberal MP Salma Zahid Tweeted:

“Yesterday @AndrewScheer met with Imans and Muslim leaders in Scarborough. But he didn’t tweet about it, and access to the Facebook post is restricted. Why is he hiding his outreach? Worried about the base? Does he have different messages for different audiences?”

Here’s the problem with this.

The post wasn’t secret.

It wasn’t restricted.

It’s public.

Andrew Scheer reached out to Muslim Canadians, and the Liberals are now trying to attack him for it.

It’s intolerance at it’s worst, and – as I’ve been saying for a long time – it shows that the Trudeau Liberals are willing to tear Canada apart in their desperate attempt to hold onto power.

We must reject the intolerance of the Trudeau Liberals and stand up for all Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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Intolerant liberals… Scary people.


Andrew Sheer wants to protect religious freedom for ALL Canadians. The Trudeau government makes any group who applies for a summer grant affirm that they agree with his pro abortion stance. Needless to say, many faith based groups were denied funding because they did not agree with Trudeau’s demand.

The conservative government will change this. They will also get rid of the hated carbon tax, and provide tax relief for ordinary Canadians.

I can’t wait to vote the corrupt Liberal Government out of office.


We knew the Liberals are liars. Now if Scheer didn’t visit Muslim communities, Liberals would say he was Islamophobic. Even when he does, they criticize his tweets and Facebook posts about it. In the eyes of the Liberals, no matter what he does, he’s wrong. When they can’t find anything to criticize about him, they’ll just make something up.


The LIEberal division 0f our country and ruin continues. All Canadians want, is a united peaceful, working. fair lawful, out of this crushing debt, freedom from hate, clean, sovereign country. To have a chance of getting this back we must stop the LIEberals. Many people came here to work and hope for a inclusive peaceful caring protected from corruption life, they did not want division and hate that will again turn violent, with all this government created intolerance and different little rights groups and lies by the LIEberal government. Thank you Conservatives, for being inclusive and caring to all Canadians.… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificent

I hope they don’t use him the way they did JT. Remember M-103? While I am a firm believer in religious freedom, there can also be religious favorites!

Ben Eby

This must be the private stomping grounds of the Liberal party and Trudeau. All others stay away.
If Scheer had not visited the Muslims he would be under attack for that percieved indiscretion!

shawn harris

The Liberals are absolutely amazing to watch as they implode like a supernova. Usually it takes about a decade in office for any government to reach the bizarre depths of despair and futility the Trudeau Liberals have reached. Keep up the good job of exposing the real Trudeau and his sycophantic Liberal party; the end of the Liberals is coming soon enough.


They attack him for not using the word muslim in the new Zealand shootings but then they attack him for reaching out. It has nothing to do with “different messages for different audiences”, the whole thing was public. The fact that he didn’t grandstand on twitter like the liberals would have doesn’t mean there’s anything sneaky going on. The liberals are so desperate to deflect you know there is WAY more to the whole sordid SNC scandal and Admiral Norman trial. The fact that they have become so unhinged that they’ll contradict themselves openly and make up shit that never… Read more »

Jill Ward

I’d just like to know when and if ANYONE will reach out to WE CANADIANS?
I’d like to think we are more important than just the slaves paying all the bills and salaries!

David Henley

The liberals want to destroy Canada. No other words can describe what they have done
over the last four years. Scheer is no different than Trudeau when it comes to special interest groups.. Both parties not really showing what they are.