Justin Trudeau Must Answer To Canadians For His Disturbing Association With Joshua Boyle

If he wants to play the guilt by association game, then it won’t end well for him.

Justin Trudeau is playing a very dangerous game.

He’s purposely trying to inflame racial tension in the country, by demonizing Conservatives and using identity politics.

And he’s decided to go full out ‘guilt by association’ against Andrew Scheer, claiming that because Scheer spoke at a pipeline support rally that someone else spoke at (even though Scheer didn’t speak at the same time and at the same part of the event as that person), he’s somehow implicated in that person’s worldview.

Obviously, it’s a total logical fallacy and it’s total BS.

But, if that’s the game Trudeau wants to play, then he’s making a big mistake.

Because if Canadians look at who Justin Trudeau associates with, it won’t turn out well for him

Remember this?

Joshua Boyle Arrested

Justin Trudeau invited Joshua Boyle into the Prime Minister’s Office, despite the fact that Boyle was previously married to Omar Khadr’s sister Zaynab Khadr, and had been a spokesman for the Khadr family.

Zaynab Khadr is best known for ‘defending’ the 9/11 attacks.

And now Joshua Boyle is facing some horrific charges, among them horrible alleged abuse of his wife, Caitlan Coleman.

That’s the guy Justin Trudeau invited into the PMO, bringing him into the inner-sanctum of Canada’s halls of power.

And that’s the guy Trudeau apparently had previous conversations with, as claimed by Boyle.

This is far worse than anything Trudeau could falsely accuse his opponents of, because in Trudeau’s case, it’s all true. He met with Boyle – the evidence is undeniable.

Trudeau must answer for this, and he must pay the price for it in the election.

If Trudeau wants to play the guilty by association game, he’s the one who will suffer the most.

Spencer Fernando

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