WATCH: Scheer Dares Trudeau To Take Him To Court

Why is Justin Trudeau so afraid of following through on the threat?

Since Justin Trudeau threatened to sue Andrew Scheer, he’s refused to actually follow through.

Instead, Trudeau has reverted to the talking point that he “put Scheer on notice.”

But today, that talking point was demolished, when Andrew Scheer publicly repeated the same statements that Trudeau is threatening to sue him for.

In a news conference, Scheer repeated the statements, and dared Trudeau to follow through with his threat.

You can watch Scheer’s remarks below:

“Justin Trudeau is threatening to sue me for talking about his corruption scandal. I continue to stand by my statement and so I’m happy to repeat it for him right now. I look forward to discussing this in court when Justin Trudeau finally speaks under oath.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook