Justin Trudeau’s Sick & Dangerous Fearmongering Shows He’s Willing To Rip Canada Apart In Desperate Bid To Keep Power

In an effort to distract from the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal and try to hold onto power, Justin Trudeau is dividing Canadians by race and making up endless lies.

The recent effort by Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government to demonize Conservatives as racists and bigots is one of the most appalling spectacles we’ve ever seen in Canadian history.

It’s also one of the most dangerous.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals know that Andrew Scheer is not a racist. They know he’s not a bigot. And they know that the Conservative Party has supporters from every conceivable background.

But the Liberals just don’t care.

Trudeau doesn’t care.

The facts don’t help his sinister purposes, so he’s ignoring those facts.

Long after Andrew Scheer clearly said that he denounced ‘white nationalism,’ Justin Trudeau and Liberal MPs were tweeting PMO talking points demanding Scheer denounce it – even though he already did.

They know he already denounced it, but they don’t care.

They don’t actually want him to denounce it, they just want to attack him and the millions of Canadians who oppose the government.

The Liberals can’t win on the issues. They can’t win on ethics. They can’t win on having kept their promises, since they haven’t kept any of them.

So, in Trudeau’s desperate attempt to maintain power, he’s making up an alternate reality where his opponents are pure evil, and to do that he’s dividing Canadians by race and trying to tear the country apart.

The consequences could be severe, as Canada is at risk of being ripped to shreds and we could see political and racial divisions surge to record levels.

That’s why all Canadians need to stand against Justin Trudeau’s sick and dangerous fearmongering.

We need to stand together as Canadians, focusing on what brings us together as unified citizens, instead of letting Trudeau divide us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Allen Burrell

Google sociopath or traits of a sociopath…..try not to think of JT while you read the results.

Don Taylor

This liar Trudeau is a disgusting,obnoxious human, that people are sick of his lies and wish he would just leave

Ken (Kulak)

That is the best photo I have seen of Justin Trudeau since 2015.


Well, I don’t know if that’s going to happen in Quebec.


When the Liberals are voted out and the Conservatives have their people innplace can the Conservatives start legal action against Justin Trudea for some of the crimes he committed?

Steven Kallstrom

I sure hope so. I kind of HOPED he would be in jail already.

Bill Donaldson

Trudeau and his gang are the real racists, as race is clearly a focal point of their campaign.

Chaz Martel

The Liberals have already commenced a campaign based upon the politics of division. Labeling anyone who disagrees with their economy eviscerating, globalist driven, demonstrably treasonous and functionally incomprehensible policies, as racist. The Liberals do not have a credible accomplishment to to run on because their entire agenda over the last four years has been the systematic dismantling of Canada. The only thing they can lay claim to is scandal upon scandal. Given that, what are they supposed to say to their prospective voters? “We are over halfway to accomplishing our goal of destroying Canada and turning it in to the… Read more »


So right Spencer, you have probably read in the Province Vivian Krause’s latest article in the interference of our Canadian elections now against Alberta’s Conservatives so probably starting for Trudeaus fake LIEberals as well.
I do not know why the Conservatives have not had this all in court.

shawn harris

Never before has any Prime Minister ever displayed such contemptuous behaviour as Justin Trudeau has. Trudeau sees Canadians as pawns to be played off against each other and to be lied to rather than uniting and inspiring all of us to be better citizens, building a united and stronger Canada,he shamelessly plays to our fears and blames all of his own problems on those who won’t believe or support him. Over the last two months and more, Canadians have had a very clear view of exactly who Justin Trudeau is and exactly what he stands for. He stands for nothing… Read more »

Ruth Bard

Is JT on meds? Half the time he looks like he can barely keep his eyes open. That might explain a few things…


When the debate is lost slander becomes the tool of the loser…Orwell
A people who elects corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices…Orwell

sandra c

Look at how he attacked and criticized Harper in the last election and he still hasn’t let go on that. Trudeau will do anything, say anything and promise anything in order to stay in power. He’s working extremely hard at what he does. I would just like to see him work this hard at the things that really matter. Like working and accomplishing something for Canada. Nothing….from day one but lies, scams and spending, etc.


The democrats in the USA has been doing this for years. It does work…it helps to destroy a democracy drip-by-drip. Slower than a revoultion but much more successful.


Just what is “white” nationalism? I am a nationalist, if nationalist means that I am for my own country FIRST, that I think my government should take care of its own people FIRST, rather than giving billions to other countries; that I do not want my government to replace Canada’s population with massive numbers of people whose values are contrary to Canada’s, people who are only coming here for the handouts. So if I am what might be described as “white”, does that make me a “white nationalist?” If I am 60% of aboriginal descent, does that make me an… Read more »


Stupid Canadians deserve the stupid government they “freely” choose.


I couldn’t agree more. He’s the worst Prime Minister ever. He is a fraud and a liar and must be defeated for the good of our great nation.