The RCMP Must Investigate Potential Collusion Between Alberta NDP & Foreign Enemies Of The Oil Industry

No self-respecting nation can allow a political party to get assistance from foreign groups trying to destroy a key source of our national wealth while bring down the economy of an entire province.

With recent revelations reported by Vivian Krause that groups supported by American billionaires are working to defeat the United Conservative Party of Alberta and keep Alberta’s oil landlocked, it is clear that there must be a massive national investigation.

In fact, the RCMP must investigate whether the Alberta NDP is colluding with those anti-energy industry groups.

Because if that is happening, then the Alberta NDP would be totally disqualified from even holding office, and would have confirmed beyond doubt their loyalty to foreign organizations, rather than being loyal to Alberta and the Canadian People.

Here’s part of Vivian Krause’s recent report detailing the threat:

“On April 1, Leadnow forwarded an undated email sent out by Duncan Kinney, executive director of Progress Alberta, a non-profit advocacy group.

The email states: “We’re going into our fourth week of digital door knocking and text banking and it has been incredible. We can talk to a lot of voters in very little time and we’ve identified thousands of supporters that we will be getting out to the polls.”

The email also explained what Progress Alberta is doing to defeat Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party: “We’re holding texting parties every week in the lead up to the election, where we text thousands of voters across the province to make sure they don’t vote for Kenney’s UCP.”

Contacted by phone and via Twitter on April 3, Kinney did not deny that the email forwarded by Leadnow was sent by him. Leadnow’s executive director did not reply to tweets about this matter.

Both Leadnow and Progress Alberta are partially funded — US$62,843 (2016-2017) and US$162,587 (2013-2016), respectively — by the Tar Sands Campaign, U.S. tax returns show.”

Is the NDP involved in this?

Are they coordinating with Leadnow?

Those questions deserve answers.

Considering that the NDP is in second place in all the Alberta polls, it is obvious that they are the ones who would benefit from the efforts of Leadnow and Progress Alberta to defeat the Conservatives.

The key question, and what now must be investigated, is whether the NDP is directly colluding with these foreign-backed groups in the campaign.

Albertans, and all Canadians deserve to know the answer.

Our nation, the province of Alberta, and one of our key resources is being subverted from within by groups that are taking foreign money, and if a political party is colluding in that subversion, things are even worse than we thought.

The RCMP exists to be our national law enforcement agency, and the subversion of a key Canadian industry is a serious national issue. Think of the billions of dollars Canada is losing every year, think of the hundreds of thousands of jobs, the loss of economic opportunity, the money that can’t go towards helping Veterans, strengthening infrastructure, education, building up the military, healthcare, and all the other key needs of Canadians – all because of foreign-backed groups trying to destroy the oil industry.

No country can allow their wealth to be blocked and drained and stolen away by foreign groups, and we certainly cannot allow a political party to potentially collude with them.

The RCMP must investigate and find out the truth.

Spencer Fernando

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