POLL: Clear Majority Of Canadians Say Canada Is Doing Worse Since Trudeau Took Power

Another clear indictment of Trudeau’s failure.

With the election getting closer, a key question that all incumbent governments must answer is “are you better off than before the government took power?”

And while it’s been clear for some time that Canada is far worse off under Justin Trudeau, a new poll by Forum Research has quantified those numbers.

According to the survey, 57% of Canadians say Canada is doing worse now than it was in 2015.

22% say it’s doing ‘a bit worse,’ while 35% say it’s doing ‘much worse.’

By contrast, 30% say Canada is doing ‘a bit better,’ while 13% say it’s doing ‘much better.’

The gap in intensity is key here.

With 35% saying Canada is doing much worse, and just 13% saying it’s doing much better, the strength of opinion is clearly on the side of those who say Canada has declined since Trudeau took power.

And those numbers are no surprise.

The Trudeau government has been the most unethical, divisive, dishonest government seen in a very long time, and are gouging Canadians financially while trying to tear the country apart along racial lines in order to win the election as they give our tax dollars to well-connected corporations at our expense.

By every possible way of defining success or failure, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have failed our country miserably.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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