Spire Collapses As Historic Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris Goes Up In Flames

Fire crews are struggling to contain the fire.

The main spire of the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has collapsed.

Part of the roof has also collapsed.

The historic site, visited by 35,000 people a day, is the most-visited site in Paris, even ahead of the Eiffel Tower.

Authorities have said the fire took place in an area where renovations were happening.

However, the individual in charge of renovations said there were no workmen on the site, which leaves open the cause of the fire.

French Authorities have opened up an investigation.

There are reports of people crying in the streets, as the loss of such an iconic site and pillar of Christianity is an immense tragedy.

Video of the spire collapsing can be seen below:

At this point, there are no reports of injuries. Firemen are trying to salvage some of the historic artworks within the Cathedral.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I haven’t been this affected by the destruction of an iconic landmark in another country since the twin towers went down. Tragic.


Sic transit Europa Christi

Don Taylor

when they find out the real cause of the fire,a lot of people wont be surprised