Alberta Election Results

The United Conservative Party has won a Majority Government. Keep this page open and refresh often as it will be updated with the results as they come in.

Early results from the Alberta Election can be found below:

Alberta Election Popular Vote

United Conservative Party – 53%

NDP – 34%

Alberta Party – 10%

Liberals – 1%

Freedom Conservatives – 1%

Alberta Independence Party – 1%

Alberta Election Seat Totals

United Conservative Party – 63 seats

NDP – 24 seats

Alberta Party – 0 seats

Liberals – 0 seats

Freedom Conservatives – 0 seats

Alberta Independence Party – 0 seats

Spencer Fernando

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Better the Conservatives then the Liberals or NDP but Jason Kenny was chosen rather than the others even though he is not always liked.

Barry Bateman

Congratulations Jason Kenney, the United Conservatives and all of Alberta! Alberta’s back! Great speech and defense of Canadian Energy and pipelines Jason Kenney!