Canadian Manufacturing Sales Fall, Auto Sales Suffer Big Drop

Sales are down in 15 of 21 manufacturing industries.

Canadian manufacturing sales fell 0.2% in February, the last month for which statistics are available.

Out of 21 manufacturing industries, sales fell in 15 of them.

Those 15 account for just under 66% of Canada’s manufacturing.

There were big losses in the vehicle manufacturing sector, which was down a full 4.4%.

Additionally, sales of wood products fell by 5.9%.

Economists had predicted manufacturing sales would not change, meaning the report surprised on the downside.

Many are now watching to see the continuing impact of the economically devastating carbon tax, as it is expected to push jobs and investment out of Canada, and add to the cost of manufacturing, making our nation far less competitive.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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A reduction in manufacturing is one of Trudeau’s targets. It is part of his plan to provide cleaner air for China and India and the Belize and Madagascar and Moscow. Trudeau, Morneau and McKenna should be ecstatic as these stats show their plan is working.