Here Are The Results Of The Final Alberta Election Poll

Forum Research Survey is the last poll released ahead of the election.

With Albertans heading to the polls today, Forum Research has released the final opinion poll of the campaign.

Here are the key results:

UCP – 50.6%

NDP – 34.6%

Alberta Party – 10.9%

Liberals – 2.2%

Other – 1.7%

Based on those popular vote numbers, Forum projects 67 seats for the United Conservative Party, putting them well above the number of seats needed for a majority.

The NDP would be in second place with 19 seats.

The Alberta Party would win 1 seat, while the Liberals and other parties would be shut out.

Of course, the only poll that matters is the actual voting today, and victory over the socialists can’t be taken for granted. People need to get out and vote and ensure that the first half of the Notley-Trudeau axis is crushed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter