MORE ETHICS TROUBLE: Federal Judge Orders Reopening Of Investigation Into Trudeau’s Aga Khan Island Trip

Commissioner of Lobbying must reopen the investigation.

Justice Patrick Gleeson has ordered a reopening of the COmmissioner of Lobbying investigation into Justin Trudeau’s trip to the billionaire Aga Khan’s private island.

As reported by Blacklocks, “The decision is quashed and returned for redetermination,” wrote Justice Patrick Gleeson. The ruling came at the request of the advocacy group Democracy Watch. Then-Lobbying Commissioner Karen Shepherd in 2017 dismissed a complaint that the Aga Khan violated the Lobbyists’ Code by hosting the Prime Minister and his family at his private island. Shepherd ruled that, since the Aga Khan is not a registered lobbyist, no breach of the Lobbying Act occurred.

Democracy Watch argued the Aga Khan is director of the Aga Khan Foundation, which is a registered lobby, and that federal agencies have contributed nearly $330 million to projects supported by the Foundation. “The Commissioner’s analysis does not consider whether the Aga Khan may have received ‘anything of value’,” wrote Justice Gleeson.”

The court also slammed the original lobbying commissioner ruling that got Trudeau off the hook:

“The Commissioner was required to take a broad view of the circumstances in addressing the complaint. Instead, the record before the Court reflects a narrow, technical and targeted analysis that is lacking in transparency, justification, and intelligibility when considered in the context the Commissioner’s duties and functions. The decision is unreasonable.”

This is yet another ethics scandal for Justin Trudeau, who has repeatedly revealed himself as Canada’s least ethical PM ever.

This also raises questions about the lobbying commissioner office, and whether they can be trusted. As we’ve seen, Justin Trudeau is trying to corrupt all of Canada’s institutions to do his bidding, and it appears he was unreasonably ‘cleared’ by the Lobbying Commissioner, even as the Ethics Commissioner found Trudeau guilty of violating ethics laws.

Clearly, there is much more going on, and Canadians deserve answers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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shawn harris

This court decision comes as no surprise. Trudeau has never shown himself to have any morals, values, empathy, sympathy or sensitivity that isn’t narcissistic in nature. For everything and anything involving Trudeau is always about satisfying Trudeau first and damn the expenses and consequences. Trudeau will always deflect blame, reject responsibility and consider himself virtuous, even though a judge would find him guilty in a court of law. Trudeau is a hardened sociopath, who sees on his need and wants and he has demonstrated those needs and wants clearly to every single one of us. He is a very reviling… Read more »

Ruth Bard

The smell of “undue pressure,” or perhaps another payoff, hangs in the air.

Len Shier

Sounds to me like he got about $330 million out of the deal … what’s so hard to figure out …??
And why are they looking into what the Aga did wrong … how about looking into what Turdeau did wrong … ??? C’mon people …

David Henley

So why is Scheer so quiet on all the legal issues. Why is he or the party not raising questions over all Trudeau has done. Silence is not golden. Four years of Trudeau and no legal opposition against anything this one man has done. Provinces now taking up what Scheer has failed to do. Other groups now having to step in as the major opposition sits quiet.