WATCH LIVE: Alberta Premier-Designate Jason Kenney Victory Speech

The United Conservative Party has won a clear and decisive majority.

Following his decisive victory over the socialist NDP, Alberta Premier Designate Jason Kenney is delivering a victory speech.

You can watch it below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Spencer, I truly believe your op-eds are helping us to better assess the political and legislative actions of governments in Canada today. Your exposés help us get the real news as opposed to the overly biased and leftish CTV, CBC, Global networks. Mainstream print media is left dominated too. Canada and Alberta, my home, are not better off than they were before Trudeau and Notley. The election of Jason Kenney is a good new beginning in the west but course correction will take time.


So happy that Notley got voted out. The NDP are as bad as the liberals.

Joyce Reynolds

The liberals did not get 1 seat in this election ? Keep talking & name calling Trudeau, it is paying off for the PC’s.