Thanks Justin: Gas Prices Just Had Their Biggest Monthly Increase In Over A Decade

Gas prices increased a whopping 12% in just the last month.

With Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax walloping Canadians, and his anti-energy industry policies devastating our economy, the cost of living has surged once again.

Core inflation was up to 1.97%, far above the prediction of 1.8% made by economists.

And when it comes to gas prices, the price has surged massively.

Gas costs went up a whopping 12% in the last month. 

That’s the biggest one-month gain in over a decade.

What a coincidence…

The overall inflation rate also continues to trend upwards, meaning that life is getting more and more expensive.

With Canadians already facing an affordability crisis nationwide, this is the last thing we need.

But thanks to Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax, everything is going to get more and more expensive, and the dream of financial security is being robbed from the Canadian People.

As voters continually reject the carbon tax in provincial elections, Justin Trudeau refuses to listen, and keeps pushing ahead with the hated tax that is having a devastating impact on our economy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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pancake rachel corrie

his BREAKING CANADA IN RECORD TIME agenda is right on track

I always thought that WE the Canadians had the last say,as he only works for us,we’re the employer ,he’s the employee isn’t he not,according to democracy,a person that was voted for by the Canadian to represent us and not taking decision without our,we the Canadians,i’m confused,help me understand what HE don’t understand.


What does he care since his bank account etc. is over flowing with our money. Too bad offshore accounts can’t be searched.


That’s a good point Gerri. Never even crossed my mind. He is killing this country one dollar at a time or should I say one million at a time. Like I said before why would he care about the little guys when he was born to the rich and left a hefty trust fund. Don’t even get me started on the Trophy wife.


It’s $1.62 in Victoria. I’m afraid that even Prime Minster Sheer doing away with the carbon tax won’t help BC, as leftist Premier John Horgan will continue it here.


All holiday plans are now cancelled. Thanks Justin.

Mike LeBlanc

I’m all for protecting our environment, but to tax people into poverty is not the way, we must find an affortable alternative. The current government is not listening.