WATCH: Andrew Scheer Rips Trudeau For Gas Price Hikes, Vows To Scrap Carbon Tax

Scheer points out that Trudeau said higher gas prices are “exactly what” he wanted.

As gas prices surge across our nation – including the highest one-month increase in over a decade – Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is slamming Justin Trudeau for policies hthat have made it all worse.

Standing outside a Domo, Scheer pledged to scrap Trudeau’s carbon tax, and pointed out how Justin Trudeau said higher gas prices were “exactly what we want.”

“These gas prices are unbelievable. According to Trudeau it’s “exactly what” he wants. Canadians are struggling to make ends meet, and he’s making it worse with an unfair tax grab that punishes you while giving a massive exemption to Canada’s worst polluters. I will scrap his tax.”

With more and more Canadians turning against the carbon tax, expect Scheer to keep hammering Trudeau on the issue, in addition to all of Trudeau’s ongoing ethics scandals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

Trudeau said higher gas prices is what he wants,canadians are going to show that POS what Canadians want Turdeau out of office ,he is just a leech that somehow got elected,the people are sorry now for the mistake that some people made in 2015


Trudeau simply doesn’t realize people buy stuff from other provinces. EG: When Manitobans buy BC wine, they are paying the BC Carbon Tax as well, now, as the Trudeau Manitoba Carbon Tax. PLUS the GST on top of everything.

We were going to take a week in Okanagan Country. First holiday in 3 years. Not now. Cancelled. Too expensive. Thanks Trudeau. Thanks barbie. Success.

shawn harris

If Trudeau really thinks and believes that Canadians will accept his forcing upon us of a carbon tax, then he truly is delusional. Especially since there are now just two Liberal governed province left, PEI and Newfoundland and Labrador. And both them are going to the polls shortly, with both expected to boot out the Liberals. The clear message from all corners of Canada is, we don’t want or need a carbon tax and absolutely don’t want or need Trudeau. The carbon tax is after all just a tax and a very much NOT needed useless and destructive tax.


It’s time to start reading about Social Credit (the best government BC ever had) with the ghost of Doug Christie beside you. If the Feds try to block Kenney, there will be no recourse short of separation.