WATCH: Trudeau Government Lawyer Shredded In Court Attempting To Defend Carbon Tax

“Why don’t you just leave them alone” judge says in response.

In a stunning exchange during Ontario’s legal challenge to the Trudeau Carbon Tax, a federal lawyer for the Trudeau government was shredded as she attempted to defend the tax.

The lawyer was forced to admit that Ontario’s carbon emissions have gone down 22% over the past 14 years, all without a federal carbon tax in place.

After that admission was made, the judge – Justice MacPherson – responded:

“We don’t care how they achieve it, they’ve achieved reductions of 22%. Why don’t you just leave them alone?”

The Trudeau Lawyer then responded, saying that “Ontario can do nothing about what is happening in other provinces.”

The Judge fired back, saying “so Ontario has to pay an extra burden because other provinces are failing?”

You can watch the exchange below:

NOTE: It appears the link originally posted by Doug Ford has been removed (not by me) for unknown reasons.

That exchange greatly bolsters the argument made by the Ford Government that the carbon tax shouldn’t be imposed on Ontario, or any Canadian province.

Of course, we know very well that the carbon tax isn’t about the environment or emissions. If it was, then the government wouldn’t be forcing it on Ontario and on other provinces.

It’s about gouging Canadians for revenue, and Ontario’s large population makes it a huge source of revenue.

The incoherence of the argument made by the Trudeau Lawyer just goes to show how much of a scam the carbon tax really is.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Messianic Jew

Awesome, thank you for sharing this. Let us all hope and pray that every single virtue signalling libturd is kicked out this October.


Thank you Doug Ford and Conservatives, for keeping your promises and being honest, open and transparent. We can watch the whole court case on You Tube, that is great. I also get the Ontario news, and very often they ask Ontarian s to send them their opinions. They are working for us people. I hope all Canadians realize relief from Trudeau’s forced business and job killing expensive carbon tax. Which means we need to vote for a Conservative Federal Government, go Andrew Scheer! I must add – I am so happy that Alberta once again has a Conservative government, best… Read more »

Don Taylor

Turdeau is by far the most obnoxious, disgusting idiot ever to be a PM of Canada,he is even worse than his father

Doug Maenpaa

You got that right. We now have a huge increase in gas prices, Trudeao has to go, that guys an idiot.


I spoke out against his old man for years. But, even he had more class and respectability than this Wing Ding Kid of his. This turkey needs to be gone in October…or we won’t have much of a Canada left and we will simply sink into collapse!

Terry Gain

I love the Judge’s question. I wish I could see the response.

shawn harris

It would appear and hopefully so, that Trudeau and his carbon tax have met their match in this judge. Who is not falling for their deceitful lies and nonsensical arguments that Trudeau and his government have tried to force upon us all.If these opening arguments from Trudeau’s lawyers are the best they can come up with for defending a useless carbon tax, then Trudeau and his tax are doomed. Defeat Trudeau’s carbon tax in court and he and his carbon tax are doomed come October.

David MacKAY

Force the imposition of a Tax for a problem where the taxed received do not have to be used in anyway for the problem. Do that and it means your Prime Minister is a Fool and Dictator named Justin Trudeau

Major Tom

Legalized theft!


What happened to the judge lawyer exchange video!

russ browne

There needs to be a court case as to whether carbon dioxide (plant food) is the cause of the warming in past years which has now turned into cooling with ice growing again in Greenland for the past few years. New research shows there is a 25 year solar cycle lag due to the Ocean acting as a heat sink and the ocean is now cooling again and so is the climate.'s_climate?fbclid=IwAR2U4NlsS75FNcRTv3kgLn0UwEXC4Vk2QoToIkVxVTRbOwPGIWAgaxr8_Z0

Tim Lancaster

I had this video censored by Facebook yesterday and I couldn’t find it on Google either. Thank you Spencer Fernando for posting this. It’s nice to see liberals getting their butts kicked.


I see no link to the exchange and the Twitter link has been removed as well.

Frank Pelsoczi

We don’t care how they achieve it, they’ve achieved reductions of 22%. Why don’t you just leave them alone

Where is the video link for this exchange?


The single largest polluter to greenhouse gas emissions is the automobile.
Canadians should be encouraged by being rewarded to switch to electric cars with a form of grant or rebate/refund, of $5K for vehicles worth $35,000 graduated up to $10 K for vehicles costing $45,000 and more. This suggestion is more of a motivator and incentive to switch to electric cars than a carbon tax will. It will always be more effective. It’s a very positive and economic stimulant. The carrot and the stick get more results than the whip.


there is no video showing the judge and lawyer exchange….

Jack Flory

There isn’t any room for more taxes on heating hydro and gas. People living on a pension with a supplement are having a hard enough time now with rising prices. If you truly wish to kill them off, please find a more humane way to accomplish this.


I had the pleasure of watching this one at the time it took place and I must admit, I was more pleased than I have been for many moons and now that I have straightened out my FB page (again) I look forward to more of your informative posts. And if my memory is correct, I remember most of the comments you received for your work were most favourable — as they should be — we need individuals such as yourself to continually point out the dismal failings of our government, plus airing their blatant determination to financially ‘break the… Read more »