WATCH: Trudeau Government Lawyer Shredded In Court Attempting To Defend Carbon Tax

“Why don’t you just leave them alone” judge says in response.

In a stunning exchange during Ontario’s legal challenge to the Trudeau Carbon Tax, a federal lawyer for the Trudeau government was shredded as she attempted to defend the tax.

The lawyer was forced to admit that Ontario’s carbon emissions have gone down 22% over the past 14 years, all without a federal carbon tax in place.

After that admission was made, the judge – Justice MacPherson – responded:

“We don’t care how they achieve it, they’ve achieved reductions of 22%. Why don’t you just leave them alone?”

The Trudeau Lawyer then responded, saying that “Ontario can do nothing about what is happening in other provinces.”

The Judge fired back, saying “so Ontario has to pay an extra burden because other provinces are failing?”

You can watch the exchange below:

NOTE: It appears the link originally posted by Doug Ford has been removed (not by me) for unknown reasons.

That exchange greatly bolsters the argument made by the Ford Government that the carbon tax shouldn’t be imposed on Ontario, or any Canadian province.

Of course, we know very well that the carbon tax isn’t about the environment or emissions. If it was, then the government wouldn’t be forcing it on Ontario and on other provinces.

It’s about gouging Canadians for revenue, and Ontario’s large population makes it a huge source of revenue.

The incoherence of the argument made by the Trudeau Lawyer just goes to show how much of a scam the carbon tax really is.

Spencer Fernando

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