With Jason Kenney’s Big Win, The Coalition Against Trudeau’s Hated Carbon Tax Keeps Growing

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and New Brunswick all stand against the carbon tax.

The majority of Canadians are represented by Premiers who oppose Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax.

With the election of Jason Kenney and the United Conservatives in Alberta, there are now five provinces standing against the tax.

It’s a clear and ongoing rebuke of Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax, as voters keep electing governments that vow to fight against the hated and destructive tax that is making everything more expensive and hurting Canadians.

On Twitter, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe celebrated the election of Kenney and noted the growing number of people fighting the carbon tax:

“Congratulations Premier-designate @jkenney! Tonight Alberta has chosen a free enterprise government, and Saskatchewan is pleased to have another ally at the table fighting for pipelines and standing against the disastrous Trudeau carbon tax.”

Less than a year ago, there was only one province standing up against the Trudeau carbon tax: Saskatchewan. After last night, Alberta makes 5 provinces that represent 60% of Canada’s population. Thanks @jkenney.”

The trend so far is clear: Just as the more Canadians see of Trudeau the more we oppose him, the more Canadians see the carbon tax the more we’re voting for people who want it repealed.

If Trudeau actually respected democracy he would get the message and repeal the carbon tax ASAP, but we know he won’t do that. So, the only way to get rid of the carbon tax is to get rid of the Liberals in the upcoming federal election.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau, a friend to tyrants and dictators, definitely does not respect democracy.


Finally the news gets better and better, if it was just that the LIEberal carbon tax is bringing Canadians together after this LIEberal division of our country. Doug Ford here in Ontario is ecstatic that Jason Kenney is now able to join in the fight also, he sent out a message on Ontario news about how much more the Hospitals nursing homes prisons government buildings will be paying just to heat these buildings, never mind each city and police forces driving etc. so all city and provincial taxes would need to go up to cover these costs also. THANK YOU… Read more »


And thank God that other goofy party that wanted to mandate fluoride in the water and vaccines in everybody didn’t elect anyone. Maybe they’d have had better luck with some snappy armbands.

shawn harris

Since democracy is all about majority rule, then Trudeau and his Liberals have no choice but to remove the carbon tax and yield to the demands of the majority of Canadians wanting it killed off.
Trudeau like his pride and joy, the carbon tax,both have have been shown to be the frauds they have always been. Neither of them will accomplish anything positive for either our nation or economy. And both have to be removed completely come October 2019.

David Henley

So why is it that the conservative provinces must take legal action while the federal conservatives remain silent for four years of Trudeau illegal acts against Canada???