SICK: In Wake Of Disgraceful Omar Khadr Invite, CBC Must Be DEFUNDED

It is unacceptable for us to be forced to pay taxes to an organization that glorifies Omar Khadr.

Canadians are reacting with righteous anger following CBC’s appalling decision to feature Omar Khadr on Tout le monde en parle on Easter Sunday.

“Having a convicted Al Qaeda terrorist on the CBC the day of horrific suicide bombings by Islamic terrorists against Christians celebrating Easter Sunday marks the end of any sense of decency by Catherine Tait.”

“#OmarKhadr says his $10,500,000 payout was for “all of us”. Absolutely sickening. Also, he didn’t speak a word of French. I hadn’t seen an English-speaking guest on #tlmep before this. Has this happened on past shows?”

“The CBC planned for their Easter special in Quebec to feature Omar Khadr, the Al Qaida terrorist and war criminal. That’s horrific.

But even after the terrorist massacre of Christians in Sri Lanka, CBC proceeded to go to air. They didn’t swap that segment out, or postpone it.”

“Will the CBC show this footage tonight when they feature Omar Khadr as an Easter Sunday talk show guest? Read more:… #cdnpoli

“#OmarKhadr is a terrorist who has refused to pay a dime of the court-ordered restitution to the widow of Christopher Speer, the American soldier he killed. And he is being applauded on state-owned Canadian TV. Our tax dollars at work. Disgusting,

. #cdnpoli

This is sick.

As I said earlier, “Why the hell are we paying taxes to fund that garbage? Why should we give our hard-earned money to corrupt elites so they can glorify Omar Khadr and spit in the faces of Canadians?”


There is now no possible justification for CBC to get our taxpayer dollars and run segments like their disgraceful Omar Khadr glorification.

That money would be far better spent on bringing the best communication infrastructure to rural and remote parts of Canada, ensuring all Canadians can speedily access the entertainment and info of their choice with best technology available, rather than forcing us to pay for garbage government-controlled content.

CBC must be defunded, and we need to bring pressure on the politicians to cut off the funding.

Spencer Fernando

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