Trudeau Economy: Almost Half Of Canadians On Edge Of Bankruptcy

Survey shows things continue getting worse for Canadians.

An Ipsos survey for MNP shows a further increase in the number of Canadians on the edge of bankruptcy.

According to the survey, 48% of Canadians say they are $200 or less away from going bankrupt on a monthly basis.

That’s up from 46% who said that earlier in the year.

As noted by BNN Bloomberg, “The survey, conducted by Ipsos for insolvency firm MNP Ltd. and released Monday, also found that 35 per cent of Canadians say an interest rate increase would move them towards bankruptcy, while 54 per cent said they worry about their ability to repay debts.”

And in a sign of how badly Justin Trudeau has failed to help the middle class – and is making things far worse – Canadians are unable to hold on to our standard of living without going into debt:

“Despite the uncertainty in the economy, many Canadians continue to add to their debt loads. The MNP survey found that about four in 10 respondents said they won’t be able to cover all living and family expenses in the next 12 months without taking on more debt.”

That’s the result of tax hikes and economically damaging policies. They reduce growth, make everything more expensive, add to the burden on Canadians, and make the debt problem even worse.

Welcome to the Trudeau economy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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