Trudeau Economy: Almost Half Of Canadians On Edge Of Bankruptcy

Survey shows things continue getting worse for Canadians.

An Ipsos survey for MNP shows a further increase in the number of Canadians on the edge of bankruptcy.

According to the survey, 48% of Canadians say they are $200 or less away from going bankrupt on a monthly basis.

That’s up from 46% who said that earlier in the year.

As noted by BNN Bloomberg, “The survey, conducted by Ipsos for insolvency firm MNP Ltd. and released Monday, also found that 35 per cent of Canadians say an interest rate increase would move them towards bankruptcy, while 54 per cent said they worry about their ability to repay debts.”

And in a sign of how badly Justin Trudeau has failed to help the middle class – and is making things far worse – Canadians are unable to hold on to our standard of living without going into debt:

“Despite the uncertainty in the economy, many Canadians continue to add to their debt loads. The MNP survey found that about four in 10 respondents said they won’t be able to cover all living and family expenses in the next 12 months without taking on more debt.”

That’s the result of tax hikes and economically damaging policies. They reduce growth, make everything more expensive, add to the burden on Canadians, and make the debt problem even worse.

Welcome to the Trudeau economy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Welcome to h*ll…

Don Taylor

It is very apparent that Trudeau and the Liberal Party are the biggest danger to Canada

David Henley

any party that bows to special interest groups is a threat. Who is in the best interest of Canadians not the special interest.

David Henley

the liberal media is right beside . All the current major media outlets are allowing one man to destroy Canada. WHY????

Messianic Jew

This is very very important news. Surely there must be some way to have this brought to the attention of all Canadians. Sadly, the MSM of Canada has been bought off by this fascist Government. The big question is, How? Things will only get much much worse. Trudeau and his ilk are not hiding the fact there are 2 more carbon tax increases to come, and soon. It is so crucial to the literal survival of Canada as we “knew” it, that this gang of megalomaniacs be voted out this October.

Eleanor Merkus

Let’s hope Canadians get the real picture. The libs continue to lie and create subterfuge. What more evidence do Canadians need to be convinced that they are all crazy!!!


Doug Ford raised the carbon tax on Gas Prices. People of Northern Ontario are being decieved. Vote Liberal how messed is that. Good job Diane Saxe for your Fear Mongering to the folks in North Bay on Cliamate Change. We are at a terrifing tipping point. Really ! guess we all can stop breathing. Mother Nature is in Control of weather not liberals. In the Bible it clearly tells us about Natural Disasters. floods, tornado, hurricanes, wildfires,tsunami its all in the book.

David Henley

what laws have been broken?? Can one man and his group be so destructive to a country? Do we not have laws that protect this country from such a take over?

shawn harris

Trudeau and his economic destruction of our economy, has joined the ranks of other socialist leaders , who have once again proven, that you can’t as a nation, tax, borrow and spend your economy and country into prosperity. Raising taxes, borrowing massively, and spending like there is no tomorrow as Trudeau has done , so he can help the middle class and poor Canadians, only leads to lost jobs, lower income levels, and a bleak outlook for both workers and our economy. No surprise then that more and more Canadians are on the edge of bankruptcy. Especially when, after paying… Read more »

Major Tom

The Trudeau economy is classic Marxism…..the elimination of the Middle Class…..the majority living in poverty……from pay check to pay check….while the elites… himself…..with armed body guards…..enjoy their champagne and orange juice for breakfast……and their caviar cocktail parties at night…..


Yet the middle class voted for this idiot. Karma?


This is consistent with a ME Bank survey in Australia which found only 46% of households were able to save each month. Just 32% could raise $3000 in an emergency and 50% aren’t confident of meeting their obligations if unemployed for three months. According to Digital Finance Analytics, “there are around 650,000 households in Australia experiencing some form of mortgage stress. If rates were to rise 150 basis points the number of Australians in mortgage stress would rise to approximately 930,000 and if rates rose 300 basis points the number would rise to 1.1 million – or more than a… Read more »

David Henley

We know how bad The liberals are. CBC, Global, CTV, all liberal broadcasters. Paid for by the people. All receive money from the government. It has continued through all parties. Will Spencer act on behalf of Canadians and bring up an un-
bias summary of all the candidates running in the federal election. Let the people decide….or will we just avoid the problem of the people thinking about what matters. Just tell them what any one party wants the people to know?