WATCH: Conservatives Unleash Devastating ‘Justin Trudeau vs The Truth’ Ad

Using Justin Trudeau’s own words against him.

The Conservative Party of Canada has unleashed a devastating new ad against Justin Trudeau.

It uses Justin Trudeau’s own words against him, revealing the full depths of his deception and hypocrisy.

The ad is called ‘Justin Trudeau vs The Truth,’ and you can view it below:

“Justin Trudeau has failed to be honest with Canadians and when he gets caught he tries to change the channel, shift blame, and spreads fear and division. This October Canadians will have the opportunity to say no more to Justin Trudeau’s falsehoods.”

It’s an effective and devastating ad, and Justin Trudeau is surely hoping that you don’t share this article and spread the ad far and wide.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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