Interesting Timing: In Totally ‘Random’ Coincidence Following Big Conservative Win In Alberta, Trudeau Government Releases ‘Study’ Saying Oil Sands Emissions Higher Than Expected

Totally suspect deception from the government.

In an ‘interestingly’ timed release from the government, a federal ‘study’ is claiming that oil sands emissions are higher than thought.

Environment Canada – run by Catherine McKenna who takes her orders from Trudeau – released a study saying oil sands emissions are releasing about 33% more carbon dioxide than previously thought.

The industry has pushed back, criticizing the method used to gather the ‘data.’

Of course, the timing here is immensely suspect.

Just as the Conservatives win big in Alberta, the federal government ‘finds’ that oil sands emissions are higher?

What a coincidence…

This study could be used by Trudeau to attack the oil sands, impose further horrendous and destructive regulations, push the carbon tax, and more.

And the fact that it is released after Trudeau’s agenda was decisively rejected in Alberta – as it’s being rejected nationwide – is a huge red flag.

Nothing this government does can be trusted, as they have lied over and over and over again, about everything from small issues to big promises.

As a result, the study and the timing is totally suspect, and can’t be believed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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