PEI ELECTION: Another Liberal Government Bites The Dust, PCs Win

Liberals fall from government into third place and their leader looks likely to lose his own seat.

Yet another Liberal government has fallen in the Trudeau era.

In PEI, the Liberals have been crushed, falling into third place behind the Greens.

The PC Party is set to win, in what is set to be a minority government.

With one seat left to count, the PCs are at 12, the Greens at 9, and the Liberals at 5. That leaves the PCs 2 seats short of the 14 needed for a majority government.

It’s a great night for the PCs and the Greens, though much of the establishment media will be facing serious questions, as they hyped up the prospect of a Green Party win, while clearly and repeatedly underestimating Conservative support.

As many have noted recently, Liberal governments have been falling across the country since Justin Trudeau took power.

John Ivison pointed out, 29 million Canadians were governed by Liberal provincial governments in 2015. Now, that number has fallen to fewer than 1.6 million, a number that will drop even further with the PEI Liberals being defeated.

In election after election, Canadians have expressed their opposition to Liberal leadership, yet Justin Trudeau refuses to listen or change course, arrogantly ignoring the will of the People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Anna Penny

My fear is that NL will elect Liberal government and will be only one in Canada.


Congratulations PEI!

Don Taylor

Justin the Narcissistic PM Trudeau has literally destroyed the Liberal party all by himself


I’m loving this blue wave. It will be even more exciting when we have a big blue wave right across the country in October. Bring it on!


Go Conservatives!
I was worried that the Greens would get in, in PEI, and they are another around the world for a one world government to get rid of fossil fuels. Our LIEberal paid off media tried hard to convince PEI that the greens were way out in front, thankfully PEI is smarter than that now too.


CTV Barrie predicated the Green Party was set to win this election with a strong Liberal showing…
Trying to sway the electorate…

Norbert Kausen

The dominoes continue to fall!


Wasn’t it Justin’s dad, Pierre, who went for a long walk in the snow? Justin needs to do that…on a prairie winter day.

Todd Ruthig

Long walk off a short pier

pancake rachelcorrie

the other side of the libcon bird won ….is this really change?????


His PEI Liberals obviously needed support and selfies, yet he ignored them, preferring to fly across the country to surf. Some might look at as cowardly.


And the NS election is what, 23 days away. Wonder how that one is going to go…

Barry Bateman

PEI joins the Blue Wave! Welcome!

Roger Shelswell

Great news. Now let us pray the federal tyrants are kicked to the curb in Oct.