CATHERINE’S CASE CRUMBLES: Study By Stanford University Geoscientist Claims Climate Change Boosted Canada’s GDP By 32%

McKenna’s fear-mongering debunked.

When the Trudeau Liberals brought in their carbon tax, they just happened to release a federal study claiming that Canada was somehow warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, and claiming that climate change would cost our country billions of dollars.

Well, whatever you think of the underlying claims of climate change, McKenna’s fear-mongering was widely seen as inaccurate and politically motivated, rather than based on facts.

And now, McKenna has been debunked once again.

A study by Noah S. Diffengaugh and Marshall Burke of Stanford University claims that global warming is increasing global economic inequality.

They claim that for some countries like India, Brazil, and Nigeria, climate change has reduced their GDP per capita by 31%, 25%, and 29% respectively compared to what it would have been in a baseline scenario.

However, they had an interesting finding when it came to Canada.

Compared to the baseline, climate change has boosted Canada’s GDP by 32%.

That is quite interesting, because McKenna always claims that ‘the scientists’ back up her fear-mongering.

Yet here we are, looking at a study from professors at Stanford University claiming climate change has made Canada wealthier.

Whether this study is correct or not is of course uncertain, since – in contrast to the supposed ‘consensus’ we keep hearing about – scientists are still arguing and debating all of these issues.

However, it is an important study to note, because it once again debunks the politically-motivated deceptions that McKenna is trying to spread.

As we see time and time again, nothing this government says can be trusted, and the carbon tax is nothing more than an effort to steal the money of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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