REPORT: Anti-Semitic Attack At BerMax Caffe In Winnipeg Was Apparently Staged, Owners Arrested

The attack had generated an outpouring of support from the community. Now, the owners could be in big trouble.

Winnipeg Police say the anti-Semitic attack at the Bermax Caffe – which had previously been described by many as a brazen hate-crime – was staged.

Reports of the attack had generated an outpouring of support from Winnipeggers, and an inter-faith vigil had been organized by Winnipeg Christians for Thursday.

Police reportedly spent over 1000 hours investigating.

Now, police believe the attack was staged, and have arrested Alexander Berent, Oxana Berent, and Maxim Berent. They now all could face serious charges.

The Winnipeg Jewish Federation slammed the potential staging of the attack:

“We are shocked and deeply disturbed by today’s news. It is deplorable that anyone would make false allegations of anti-Semitism, especially claims of such a serious nature, for any kind of gain.”

Undoubtedly, this will raise further doubts about future reports of hate crimes, as it seems more and more people are seeking to fake those crimes in an effort to profit from some sort of twisted ‘victimhood statues.’

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter