The Gouging Continues: Trudeau Government Pushing For ‘Plastic Tax’

It won’t end until they’ve taken every dollar we make.

According to a report from Blacklocks Reporter, Trudeau/McKenna-controlled Environment Canada is pushing for a ‘plastic tax.’

As noted in the story, “Parliament should consider a plastic tax, says an Environment Canada report. Researchers cautioned the tax would cost consumers since plastics are found in almost every manufactured product: ‘Get everybody on board to collect all plastics.'”

This comes just after the Trudeau federal carbon tax was forced on the country despite massive opposition.

And we knew it would come this: The Trudeau government and the corrupt elites will never stop until they’ve stolen every dollar we have. They’ll use whatever excuse they find most convenient in their effort to ‘justify’ the theft. Right now that excuse is ‘climate change,’ down the road, it will be something else.

It’s about the money, and taking it out of our pockets and putting it under the control of the government.

The only way to stop it is to ensure that the Trudeau government is decisively defeated. Otherwise, the gouging of Canadian taxpayers will just get worse and worse.

Spencer Fernando


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