The Gouging Continues: Trudeau Government Pushing For ‘Plastic Tax’

It won’t end until they’ve taken every dollar we make.

According to a report from Blacklocks Reporter, Trudeau/McKenna-controlled Environment Canada is pushing for a ‘plastic tax.’

As noted in the story, “Parliament should consider a plastic tax, says an Environment Canada report. Researchers cautioned the tax would cost consumers since plastics are found in almost every manufactured product: ‘Get everybody on board to collect all plastics.'”

This comes just after the Trudeau federal carbon tax was forced on the country despite massive opposition.

And we knew it would come this: The Trudeau government and the corrupt elites will never stop until they’ve stolen every dollar we have. They’ll use whatever excuse they find most convenient in their effort to ‘justify’ the theft. Right now that excuse is ‘climate change,’ down the road, it will be something else.

It’s about the money, and taking it out of our pockets and putting it under the control of the government.

The only way to stop it is to ensure that the Trudeau government is decisively defeated. Otherwise, the gouging of Canadian taxpayers will just get worse and worse.

Spencer Fernando


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It is not in the Environment Canada mandate to tell the Government, any Government, what to do. It is becoming more obvious that a close look at the relationship between the bureaucrats and the Liberals is overdue. Canada has our own deep state and it seems our own swamp needs a good draining.


How to minimize the plastic tax – just recycle. Fast food workers could use the same vinyl gloves all day; condoms could be re-used. Disposable Dapers could be wiped off and re-used. Insulin users could re-use their syringes, just like junkies do…. Doesn’t this idiot realize that we already recycle either for deposit, with re-cycling fee and tax, or sorted at the recycling centers in nearly every town or for “sorted” garbage pickup? I don’t see a lot of good, middle class jobs coming out of this; indeed, I see many disappearing. Of course with the carbon tax we can’t… Read more »

peter black

This is the relentless march toward ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNISM. Plastic comes from oil hence the subliminal strategy to kill oil using climate change as the excuse. McKenna is insane along with Butts and Trudeau.


This government hasn’t met a tax it didn’t like. I’m already paying roughly 60% of my salary out in taxes in one form or another. Then they have the audacity to release an alarming report that says Canadians aren’t saving enough for retirement. Well DUH! There’s nothing left to save at the end of the end of the day..

shawn harris

Since Trudeau loves to use deceitful and deliberately misleading language when it comes taxes, all to cover up his destruction of our economy. Then there should a tax against Trudeau. Just call it the Trudeau tax. After all, Trudeau has done more than other PM to damage and destroy our economy, our standard of living, our national unity, our soverignty and worst of all our trust in governments , that are supposed to govern Canada to our benefit. That tax should begin with forcing Trudeau to hand over every single dollar he has in his offshore trust fund tax sheltered… Read more »

Phil Alexander

I heard it was for a slush fund to pay Loblaws to replace their air conditioning. Seriously though, the plastic dumping problem is estimated to be 90% caused by China and India. Maybe the trust fund baby should go over there and straighten them out giving lectures, pointing fingers, calling them racist. If that doesn’t work he can give out 10 million dollar checks, he don’t care, it’s not his money.

Trevor Marr

The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend! Oil is the Enemy of the Left, but oil is our Friend! CO2 is the Enemy of the Left, but CO2 is our Friend! Capitalism is the Enemy of the Left, but Capitalism is our Friend! Trump is the Enemy of the Left, but Trump is our Friend! Common Sense is the Enemy of the Left, but Common Sense is our Friend! Reality is the Enemy of the Left, but Reality is our Friend! So, Who/What else is the Enemy of the Controlling Left that they do not appreciate, but ‘We the… Read more »

Trevor Marr

Plastic is the Enemy of the Left, but when we recycle, Plastic is our Friend!


Gotta get the last few pennies they didn’t grab in the last tax scam. People….are you tired of being used for trudeau and his crime family’s pet projects yet?


Statistics demonstrates that majority of plastic pollution in the oceans comes from third world countries and developing countries. So it’s not for Canadians to pay for other countries’s junkyards.