By Appointing Liberal Donors As Judges, Trudeau Is Corrupting The System & Destroying Trust In The Judiciary

The Liberals promised a non-partisan appointments process. Instead, they’re corrupting the judiciary for their own political benefit.

A bombshell report from reporters Daniel Leblanc and Tom Cardoso revealed that the Trudeau Liberals are using their partisan party member database in the selection of judges.

As a result, out 289 judges appointed by Trudeau, 25% of them donated to the Liberal Party, with a mere 6% having donated to all the other parties combined.

Even worse, among judges who made political donations, 90.9% of the funds went to the Liberals.

This is nothing less than the complete corrupting of our judicial system.

When a full quarter of the appointees are donors to a specific political party, that is a huge problem, and undermines trust in the entire system.

The biggest problem is that this is not something Canadians have had a chance to discuss or debate. If a party ran on a specific judicial philosophy, and openly admitted that they planned to appoint partisans to push that philosophy, and still won the election, they would at least have a mandate to make partisan appointments.

But that’s not what the Trudeau Liberals have done.

Instead, they promised an ‘open and transparent’ (their favourite BS words) process. They also repeatedly said the appointment of judges would be non-partisan.

Then, they turn around and give a full quarter of all spots to party donors.

Pathetically, the PMO tried claiming otherwise, even with the facts against them, as was noted in the report:

“All judicial appointments follow our new, open, independent, transparent and merit-based process,” PMO spokeswoman Chantal Gagnon said. “Political activity or donations have no impact on a person’s candidacy or selection for a judicial appointment. Our government has appointed people that have donated or been involved with parties of all political stripes.”

But, “Using information from Elections Canada’s public database of political donations, The Globe has determined that about 25 per cent of the 289 judges appointed or promoted by Mr. Trudeau’s government since 2016 had donated to the Liberal Party of Canada. About 6 per cent donated to the Conservative, New Democratic or Green parties.”


Call me crazy, but it almost seems as if the Liberals and PMO are lying when they say partisanship isn’t considered.


While this is appalling, it is no surprise. Trudeau is trying to corrupt every institution for his own selfish political benefit, and has no qualms about screwing up the judiciary. Notably, the report also points out how Jody Wilson-Raybould tried to make the appointment process more independent, perhaps another reason Trudeau removed her.

The corruption continues.

Spencer Fernando

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