Speaking In Quebec, Trudeau Ignores Will Of The Voters & Attacks Provinces Fighting Carbon Tax

Does he understand how democracy works?

Speaking in Montreal, Justin Trudeau once again showed his ignorance of democracy, and attacked provinces that are fighting against his hated carbon tax.

Trudeau called those provinces ‘irresponsible’, and focused in particular on Ontario:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Ontario and other provinces trying to block the federal carbon tax are shortsighted and irresponsible. Trudeau gave a speech to an environmental conference in Montreal today during which he slammed Ontario’s constitutional challenge to the federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act.”

When Trudeau makes those criticisms, he is actually insulting the millions of voters who continue to reject his carbon tax.

It’s also ‘interesting’ how Trudeau calls provinces who oppose the carbon tax ‘irresponsible,’ yet never criticizes the Quebec government for taking billions in transfer payments from Alberta while rejecting new pipelines. That’s the real ‘irresponsibility’ and hypocrisy, which Trudeau never even mentions.

Voters across Canada continue voting for political parties that pledge to scrap the carbon tax, yet Trudeau’s response is to keep ignoring them and forcing the carbon tax on provinces anyway.

Even as gas prices surge and the cost of living continues to rise, Trudeau keeps ripping more and more money out of the pockets of Canadians, and attacks anyone who disagrees with him.

He repeatedly shows that he has the attitude of a dictator, not a democratic leader.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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