HYPOCRITES: The Trudeau Liberals Have No Problem With Foreign-Funded Groups Attacking Our Homegrown Energy Industry, Yet Attack Scheer For Meeting With Canadian Oil Company Leaders

How can the Liberals claim to care about ‘election interference’ when they won’t do anything about foreign groups trying to wipe out our energy industry?

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to crack down on social media, under the pretext of fighting ‘foreign election interference.’

But their claims to care about that interference are totally hollow, considering the far bigger interference they keep ignoring: The gigantic amount of foreign money coming into Canada in an effort to turn Canadians against our homegrown energy industry.

The Liberals don’t utter a peep about that, and seem to have no problem at all let foreign groups try to wipe out a key Canadian industry, make Canadians poorer, and subvert our democracy.

And yet, when it comes to a politician meeting with homegrown Canadian oil company leaders, the Liberals are going absolutely nuts.

This comes in response to reports that Andrew Scheer met with Canadian oil company CEOs to discuss the upcoming election.

Leading the hysterical response was – of course – Catherine McKenna:

“Straight from Harper’s playbook: Andrew Scheer has been caught scheming behind closed doors with wealthy executives to gut environmental protection laws, silence critics, and make pollution free again.”


So, in McKenna and Trudeau’s minds, it’s evil to meet with Canadian Oil Companies.

But it’s apparently just fine to meet with American actors!


This is stunningly out-of-touch with Canadians:


While Trudeau travels the country guzzling jet fuel, while McKenna flies around to meet rich celebs, they expect the rest of us to sacrifice our standard of living, pay a bunch of taxes, be poorer, and watch as actual environmental issues go totally unsolved.

And the whole time that’s going on, foreign money keeps coming into the country to try and destroy our oil industry.

What an upside down world we’re living in.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Scheer’s meetings with oil exec’s is a huge problem, but Trudeau’s extremely secret meetings with Muslim leaders in Regina during the last campaign is perfectly OK? Wow, double standard or ?.


It is great that Andrew Scheer is getting out there seeing all Canadians, open and transparent. Canadians need to drive and heat their homes affordably, so we need the great Canadian oil and gas people very much too! These greedy “so called stars”, who don’t think for themselves, obviously, should be working in their own country, my gosh – oil and gas, even coal is expanding in the USA rapidly. I cannot even watch these brainwashed LIEberal fools, thy are so wasteful and polluting in more ways than one. Vote Conservative, let us become Canada again, not a poor post… Read more »

peter black

Environmental Communists hard at work establishing elite networks while they scam Canadians and keep them feeling sorry for themselves as the “PARTY” does their evil work. Major acts of treason and not one lawyer or politician can even recognize what is happening. The whole carbon issue is a political myth and a scientific nothing.


”Make pollution free again ” she says . When was if ever free ?. Businesses were already paying massive taxes as is consumers. Canadian fuels were already swimming in taxes just like alcohol products. No we have ALWAYS had carbon taxes , we just never called them that. When I fill up my car almost half of the price is taxes . So this door knob Mckenna should check her hysterical emotions and admit that its just another tax on top of all the already existing ones. And doesnt she have anything better to do then tweet and berate anyone… Read more »

Moe S.

Harrison Ford needs to clean up his own backyard instead of worrying about Canada’s. I guess he doesn’t walk the downtown streets of L.A. California where the homeless have set-up tents stretching six miles long. Human waste, garbage and used needles are strewn along sidewalks. Out of touch with reality, Carbon Cathy McKenna picks this American to preach to us. She’s such an idiot.


The US wants to keep Alberta oil in the ground because they consider it part of THEIR strategic reserves. Canada needs to limit or ban oil exports to the US unless it is “finished product”. Of course Turdo prefers to create “good middle class jobs” – for Texans.