WATCH: Justin Trudeau TWICE Refers To Japan As ‘China’ In Front Of Japanese PM

Considering the enmity between Japan and China, it’s a huge error to make even once, let alone twice.

Justin Trudeau has done many embarrassing things on the world stage.

And now, he’s outdone himself.

Speaking with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Justin Trudeau twice referred to Japan as ‘China.’

First he talked about celebrating “Canada-China” relations.

Then, at the beginning of another press conference with Abe, Trudeau again brought up “the tremendous friendship that we celebrate today and everyday between Canada and China.”

It was so embarrassing that even CBC had to cover it:

You can watch the moment below:


Trudeau embarrassed himself, and considering how much coverage this will get around the world, he’s embarrassed Canada as well.

Japan and China deeply dislike each other, with many unresolved disputes and intense lingering anger from World War Two.

To confuse Japan and China, not just once, but twice, and especially in front of the Japanese PM is a disgrace, and shows how unserious and unprepared Justin Trudeau is.

Turns out, he’s Just Not Ready.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Major Tom

Loco weed will do that to you……….


Why would he not screw-up. He has made enemies with 5 other countries plus America which is snubbing him. Just add Japan to the list.


And, he will NEVER be ready.


Of course the CBC was making excuses for him in that video. Media bail(buy)-out money well spent.

Dave Allsopp

Once would be a mistake but twice is nothing more than an intentional insult…or racism if I was being a fuzz-brained SJW.


What a bone head.


Hay don’t be so critical ! Drama was his background , not geography , besides they all look the same to Todumb . Next time read from your script , what an ignorant ass he is .


Creating confusion is one of Trudeaus embarrassing devious insulting the world against Canadians, he only worries about himself and his LIEberal destruction of Canada. Cuba, Russia and China are working hard to accomplish this also, and Japan is a sovereign democracy, as Canada was, so not important to Lieberals creation of a post national state. They must be voted out.
This is an excellent article of how this is created:

Brian Dougan

They’re both neighboring countries. Guess that was close enough for this twerp.


Is anyone surprised that Justin Trudeau makes blunders on the International Stage at this point? I thought he didn’t mutter and stutter as much as usual. At least he was dressed in a suit..not a Japanese Dragon”Kimono” for the occasion….AND his eyebrows stayed in place…so….

Moe S.

Yeah, cute ‘little potato’ China so affectionately called him. I wonder if Trudeau remembers the names of the three Canadians China has locked-up?


Maybe Abe brought Turdo a gift – a Japanese branded TV. Turdo looked to see where it was made, and so he thought he was talking to a Chinese bloke. An easy mistake to make, if you’re stupid as a bushel of GMO canola.


Well watch Justin in the future if he starts to not shave, or comb his hair, also he acts like he drinking alcohol, a sure sign the pressure is getting to him and he’s falling apart! Maybe this time he tried to out drink the Japan Prime Minster in Sackey? This dip stick got to go!