VIDEO: Socialist Regime Troops Run Over Unarmed Protesters In Venezuela

There are growing reports of divisions within the Venezuelan Military.

When countries actually try to impose socialism (not to be confused with mixed economies the left falsely try to claim as socialist), then violence, suffering, and death is always the result.

And nowhere is that seen more clearly right now than in Venezuela, where the socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro is struggling to hold onto power in the face of massive popular discontent and a collapsed economy.

Juan Guaido – who is the legitimate President of Venezuela under their constitution – called for an uprising against the Maduro regime.

During some peaceful protests following that call, the regime was seen running over unarmed protesters with an armoured vehicle.

The video can be watched below:

Maduro and the Socialists have remained in power so far because the military has stuck with them, but there are signs that is changing. Small groups of military supporters have switched to supporting Guaido, and troops guarding a formerly jailed opposition leader freed him.

If the military splits further, the Maduro regime (which is among the most unpopular governments on Earth), would be in mortal danger, and the people of Venezuela would have a chance to overthrow the socialists and take back their nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Why does that concern you?
It is not your country and none of your business.
How does it effect you here?
Do you not have a corrupt government to worry about?
And yet you are with regime change to who you want.


Can you imagine if Jagmeet Singh proclaimed himself Prime Minister and the US was backing him to overthrow the government?
Same Difference…he was never elected by the people.


Canada needs to vote the Liberal out so that it doesn’t come to this here.


Lots of conflicting things in Venezuela. Cubans, Russians and Al-Queda in the country. Freeland complains about the violence but Trudeau supports and admires the Cubans. Who is representing the Liberals? Is Freeland stepping into the PM role bit by bit by speaking for Canada, expressing opinions that seem to conflict with those of Trudeau?

Diane DiFlorio

How is Juan Guaido remotely considered “legit”? Didn’t he just waltz right in and DECLARE himself elected and was backed quite quickly by the powers that be in the U.S. ? He is a puppet working for outside interests and will allow U.S. interests to take over precious resources.

Dave Allsopp

People in THIS country should watch the actions in Venezuela very carefully, just as they should have been watching and noting what has gone on in other socialist nations like Communist China!

Anyone who thinks that this could never be us is delusional!


Guns banned in 2012 in Venezuela, 2019, let the killing of citizens begin.. This is the way of socialism

George Bacon

This is why the 2nd Amendment exists. And why globalist governments seek to remove firearms from citizenry. An unarmed population has no ability to remove tyrannical regimes. And all unarmed populations end up having tyrannical regimes.