‘COINCIDENCE’: Loblaws Got $12 Million In Taxpayers Money For Fridges After Their Lobbyists Attended Liberal ‘Donor Appreciation Event’

What a random chain of events…

In what is certainly nothing more than a random coincidence that has nothing to do with anything, two Loblaws lobbyists attended a Trudeau Liberal ‘donor appreciation event’ before the company was given $12 million for fridges at taxpayers expense.

According to the National Observer, “Two Loblaws lobbyists, one of which helped steer the company towards a controversial $12-million federal grant to reduce the energy consumption of their refrigerators, also donated frequently to the Liberal Party and attended a partisan fundraising event with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna and two of her senior officials also met with one of the lobbyists representing Loblaw Companies Ltd., soon after the grant program had opened to businesses, her office confirmed.”

Interestingly, the Loblaws lobbyists have given over $6,000 to the Liberals, and members of McKenna’s senior staff also attended the same ‘donor appreciation event,’ which just happened to take place a while after the ‘contest’ for the $12 million in fridge money had started.

Of course, the Liberals will try to pass this all of as nothing more than a coincidence, but we know better.

It’s not a coincidence, it’s another example of how the Liberals skew the system towards their friends and fellow elites, while screwing over the rest of us.

And as I’ve said repeatedly, regardless of what the Trudeau government claims about their ‘climate plan,’ this isn’t about the environment, it’s about taking our money and enriching those at the top.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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