WATCH: Conservatives Launch Series Of Tough Anti-Trudeau Ads

Ads include comparison of Trudeau to Trump Administration scandals.

With the election nearing, the Conservatives are utilizing their strong fundraising numbers to launch a series of tough new anti-Trudeau ads.

The party is launching five ads in English, and one in French.

According to reports, the ads will run for under a month.

The toughest of the ads features a photo of Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump. It starts off listing things that sound like media reports about the Trump Administration, but it quickly becomes clear that it’s actually referring to the many scandals engulfing Trudeau.

It’s a clever and effective ad, as it highlights Trudeau’s hypocrisy and the fact that his ‘sunny ways’ ‘new politics’ image was a total farce.

Other ads feature Canadians criticizing various aspects of Trudeau’s time in office, including people who say they voted for him before but now feel that he’s let them down.

The overarching theme is that Trudeau is “not as advertised.”

You can watch some of the ads below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screenshot

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“Not as advertised” is the nice way to put it.

Carol Bolt

I am glad to see the Conservatives come out with expressive and clean Ads. I noticed the Liberals were starting their own Ads last week but they are mostly lies. Which I am sure people will realize. We are not a stupid population. I saw a video just today of Kevin O’leary speaking in Toronto and it was pretty devastating as to what the Liberals have done to Canada. They should be very ashamed. What an awful legacy to leave behind for his family to see.


I would have loved to see some of Mr. Dressup’s Photos in India used in some ads asking Canadians if this is who they want for a PM?? or ask Canadians if they aren’t Embarrassed having this Joke of a PM on the World Stage representing Canada??

Mack Thrasher

The last provincial election and Fed election Hudak and Harper i thought the campaign managers were Liberals in Conservative suits, 100,000 jobs stupidity that had the unions and OPP supporting NO WIN WYNNE, and JUST NOT READY was stupid, attrition not elimination on the jobs and Trudeau the lucky sperm club guy will never be ready. I am a card carrying Conservative retired Financial Planner, and former EDA member. I have advised both campaigns to take the gloves off, there was enough fraud spending ect to choke a horse and they need to exploit all of it.

Ken (Kulak)

I have an issue with the first of the three ads above. The implication is that Trump has scandals, when in fact it was the Hillary election campaign that had illegal activities, Steele dossier, Clapper, and FBI, etc.


I have to agree with the implications that Trump has scandals and that he is hated by Canadians. It is, in fact, that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation is really full of scandals. A video of Trudeau and “Crooked Hillary” would have been more effective. Canadians are seeing what a Great President Trump is, how he has turned the economy around, and how much he loves his country, unlike Trudope! I wish we had Trump!


Turdo – the boy with the Trump bearing hips. Now we know why Turdo gets invited to the Aga Khan’s private island. He is the entertainment.