Communist China Smells Trudeau’s Pathetic Weakness, Launches Attack On Canadian Pork Industry

By refusing to retaliate with strength, Trudeau has emboldened China to launch further economic attacks against Canada.

Justin Trudeau’s refusal to respond with strength towards Communist China’s economic attacks and imprisoning of Canadians has led to the predictable result:

China is launching more attacks on our economy.

While Canada showed humane treatment towards Meng Wangzhou, the Communists have illegally detained two Canadians, held them with almost no access to a lawyer, are likely torturing them, and have sentenced two Canadians to death.

They also cut off Canadian canola imports, under a totally false pretext.

But in response, Justin Trudeau has refused to retaliate. He’s showed weakness. And considering the fact that China’s leaders are very intelligent and very ruthless, they have quickly sniffed out that weakness, and realized that they can just keep on pushing.

So, that has led to China suspending the export permits of two Canadian pork producers.

China claims it’s because of “package mislabeling.”

Of course, this is how the Canola ban started. China cancelled a few export permits, and then expanded that cancellation into a full ban on Canadian Canola.

Trudeau could have taken some simple measures to respond, such as banning foreign buyers from owning property in Canada, banning Huawei, and hitting Chinese products with tariffs.

He’s done none of that.

And as a result of his weakness, the attacks from China continue.

Trudeau’s weakness is putting all Canadians at risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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