DISTURBING: Communists Bring GUILLOTINE To Anti-Ford Protest At Ontario Legislature

The radical left continues to pose more and more of a threat to our country.

In a disturbing example of how the radical left continues to get more and more extreme, a group of communists showed up to an anti Doug Ford protest at Queens Park in Ontario with a guillotine.

On Twitter, one of the dangerous and unhinged communists tweeted “They brought a guillotine to the May Day event in front of Queen’s Park!”

Another communist, who goes by the name “Naomi, a professional” on Twitter tweeted “Went to the May Day rally with @AdnanOnMUFC and Adam T”. She also shared a photo of herself holding up a sign that said “MAY HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF CHOP, CHOP!”

The communists have tried to get rid of their Tweets, but due to great work by journalist Bryan Passifiume, the photos were exposed.

You can view them below:

If you have trouble viewing the Tweets, the photos on their own are posted below:

As Brian Lilley said on Twitter, it certainly looks like a call for assassination:

“This is what communism looks like! A bunch of commies, complete with their hammer and sickle flags and a guillotine showed up on the front lawn of Queen’s Park today and called for Doug Ford to be assassinated. Don’t give commies calling for violence a pass, retweet this!”

Much of the establishment media has refused to bring attention to this Communist incitement to assassination and violence.

That’s why we need to get the word out, and ensure Canadians see the rising threat of radical leftists & communists, a threat that must be condemned, opposed, and defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Fear the left. Your life depends on it!

Major Tom

Deport the human flotsam…….take out the garbage…..to a Communist country…..like North Korea…..

Don Taylor

Why isn’t the media reporting on this ,this is Canada not the USSR,these idiots are going to push people to far and they will regret it


Wow the hate the LIEberal/ndp/green (one world socialist parties) party have caused in Canada with all their brainwashed radicals is unbelievable. This is the kind of thing being taught at schools by radical ?unionized puppet teachers???, who convince the children and young adults to protest for them and with them, like the thugs destroying a once law abiding caring country, one world communists, they are brainwashed and not thinking for themselves, and hurting others.


If this isn’t hate speech what is?

Are these people going to be arrested and charged with
sedition and conspiracy to commit murder?

They need to be held accountable under the law.

Brian Dougan

Copycats. Not much different from the unfunny “comedienne” Cathy Griffin. One big difference–Griffin showed her face, and took the heat.


Perhaps Ford needs to respond. Send in the police on horseback with sabres and see which blade wins.

alan skelhorne

its okay, if trudeau gets in, we will have a heel aot more to worry about when he brings in his 3 million followers

Len Shier

Anyone out in public with their face hidden should at minimum be questioned (interrogated) by the police, have their unmasked picture taken and have their ID recorded … or else arrested. No exceptions!!


Why are people like this not arrested ??


It’s always about them, isn’t it… Give Premier Ford some respect. He is trying to clean up a big mess that Wynne left him. If you communists are not happy, feel free to leave . My guess is you are being paid to be a bunch of idiots.. Get a real job…losers…


Paid to get out and cause problems until the Federal Vote as the paid media are linking all PC’S with this terror. Corruption goes deep and they want control back !

shawn harris

Communism never had any valid reasons for its existence. It was born out out of violence , by the Bolsheviks and co opted by Lennon. Who used Trotsky to enforce it,by threats violence and murder, its philosophy. Which was to destroy all things and everyone who fought against it or wouldn’t conform to their ideals of communism. Communism is never about the democracy it always pretends to be defending, but is about totalitarianism, cloaked in western democracy. Leftist socialists are today’s new communism, same as the old communists, lying, deceitful, destructive, to the point of murder, evil people, who see… Read more »