BOMBSHELL: Departing Liberal MP To Testify AGAINST Federal Government On Behalf Of Vice Admiral Mark Norman

Andrew Leslie – a former Lieutenant General in the Canadian Military – had announced that he won’t be running in the 2019 election.

In a stunning turn of events, CTV News is reporting that Andrew Leslie – a former Liberal Star candidate who has announced he won’t be running again – is going to testify AGAINST the federal government, on behalf of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman.

Here is a key excerpt of the report:

“Former star candidate and now outgoing Liberal MP Andrew Leslie is on the witness list to testify if called, against the government on behalf of suspended Vice-Admiral Mark Norman in the high-profile case about the alleged leak of cabinet documents, CTV News has learned.

Leslie, who represents the Ottawa riding of Orleans and was previously a lieutenant-general in Canadian military, would not comment. But sources tell CTV News that he informed the Prime Minister’s Office more than a year ago that he would testify on behalf of Norman. Sources confirm that he is listed on the defence witness list.”

This is stunning, and could prove devastating for the Trudeau government.

Leslie and Norman have known each other for over a decade. It appears that Leslie’s sense of honour and loyalty to the truth, to the military, and to Vice-Admiral Norman has far surpassed any sense of partisanship.

Additionally, many feel that Admiral Norman is being persecuted by the Trudeau government, who are trying to crush him in order to cover-up their own wrongdoings.

Leslie’s willingness to testify on behalf of Norman is very admirable, and says a lot about Leslie. It also shows that people of dignity and conscience simply aren’t able to stay in the Trudeau Liberal government.

A video of the CTV report can be viewed below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Coburn

Hopefully, it’s The Military Code of Honour, integrity that has played in this decision. Rookie MP, Lt. General leaving after 1 term. Sour grapes odor for not being appointed Minister of Defence as publicised in 2015. Lt. Col. Sajjan appointed MD whom misrepresented/mislead about his heroics in Afghanistan. Hmm??


What strikes me very odd is the liberal party willingness to pay for Andrew Leslie’s legal fees. Somehow, I smell a rat brewing here. Either Leslie testifies for Normam or for the liberal party or the liberal party are setting Leslie up for defying Justin Trudeau, How can any soldier like Andrew Leslie ever enter the liberal party particularly this terrorist loving Justin Trudeau’s cult part and support him on the very issues like isis that our soldiers are fighting against.? Andrew Leslie as a soldier should be defending soldiers FROM TRUDEAU’S TERRORISTS. Leslie is disloyal to his uniform. I… Read more »


If Admiral Norman had been a Liberal donor he would have had a DPA and not an open trial.

Sharon Kerr

I hope he gets to testify, Admiral Norman deserves it, and put the final nail in the coffin of Trudeau, who has no honor or integrity. First P.M. to be charged, not once but 5 times by the Ethics Commissioner, who also pretty much gave Trudeau a slap on the wrist, this person needs to be suspended from their mishandling of such serious allegations. We need someone who is “neutral”