CORRUPT: Trudeau Government Using Partisan Liberal Database To Pick ‘Non-Partisan’ Senators

It’s the same database they’ve been using to pick judges – who just happen to disproportionately be Liberal donors.

The Trudeau government recently faced significant criticism after it was revealed they were using their partisan political ‘Liberalist’ database to vet court picks.

Now, a new report reveals they’ve been using it to pick Senators as well.

According to the Globe & Mail, “The PMO initially refused to state whether Liberalist was also used for senators. On Thursday, however, the government confirmed the Liberalist database is used to conduct background checks for almost all appointments, including federal boards, tribunals and positions such as senators.”

The report notes how this contradicts what the Liberals had promised:

“In the previous election, the Liberal Party of Canada promised to appoint senators under a “new, non-partisan, merit-based process.”

The PMO subsequently conducts verifications on the short-listed candidates by running their names in a variety of public databases, such as Google News, but also uses Liberalist to obtain a clearer picture of the candidates’ history with the Liberal Party.”

Just add this to the list of broken promises from the Trudeau Liberals.

The Liberals clearly believe that words and actions have no relationship to eachother, and are so arrogant that they think nobody will look at what they actually do, compared to what they say.

Trudeau thought that if he said ‘non-partisan Senate’ enough he would get away with it, even as he used a partisan database to make his Senate picks.

That kind of arrogance and corruption must be punished at the polls.

Spencer Fernando