Justin Trudeau Keeps Attacking Stephen Harper, But Harper Was Far More Popular At This Point In His Tenure

Why does Trudeau think that attacking someone more popular than him is somehow a good idea?

With Canadians having turned against his agenda and his corrupt government, Justin Trudeau is doubling down on negativity and fear.

And he’s going back to his old standby: Attacking Stephen Harper.

There’s a big problem for Trudeau in those attacks however.

It turns out, Stephen Harper was more popular at this same point in his tenure as PM than Trudeau is.

As recorded by Angus Reid, Justin Trudeau’s approval rating is at 28%. Trudeau has been in office for about 42 months.

When Harper had been in power for 42 months, he had a 34% approval rating.

In fact, Trudeau’s numbers in the last 10 months have put him below where Harper was at that time.

So, Justin Trudeau is attacking someone who was more popular than he was.

Trudeau’s disapproval rating is also a stunning 67%, far above where Harper’s was at a similar time.

This raises serious doubts about Trudeau’s ‘attack Harper’ strategy, and the fact that all he has left is desperate attacks on his predecessor only goes to show how badly Trudeau has failed.

Spencer Fernando

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The Liberal leader continually attacking PM Harper while desperately trying to avoid criminal charges.


I suspect that the boy wonder does not know who he is running against. Andrew should put a Stephen Harper name plate on his desk in Question Period.

Glenda Cruikshank - Kirk

Baby Trudeau is so immature and has an ego problem!! He is not a leader and has hurt/divided Canada beyond anything imaginable. Attacking Harper is about as low as he can go and he has hit rock bottom!! No loss when he is gone!!

Norbert Kausen

Of course he is still attacking Harper, he is a drowning rat and will do and say anything to deflect from his imbecilic tenure. Isn’t that what all retards do… blame everyone else for their self- inflicted downfall?? He always blamed Harper for his own short-comings and he doesn’t know what else to do. He sounds like an immature little brat!!! Trudeau needs to be investigated for ALL he has perpetrated against Canada and Canadians, as well as his increasingly deepening corruption!!!


At least Harper had valid reasons for attacking Trudumb.