REPORT: Ontario NDP MPPs Attended Protest Where Masked Communists Carried Out Mock Beheading Of Premier Doug Ford

The Ontario NDP is now associated with beheadings and mock executions, while the left tries to claim Conservatives are ‘dangerous.’

While the establishment media and far-left politicians try to demonize Conservatives, it’s becoming more and more clear that it’s the radical left (indistinguishable from Communists) that are the real threat.

That was shown for all to see at a recent rally against Ontario Premier Doug Ford at Queens Park.

A group of masked Communists conducted a mock beheading of Premier Ford, complete with a mock guillotine that was painted with red to simulate it being soaked with blood. An effigy of Ford was reportedly at the protest, and that effigy was beheaded.

And it turns out that some NDP MPPs were at the event:

“I’m calling on the @OntarioNDP to condemn the beheading of the Premier’s effigy & the MPPs who attended to apologize for being there. This was a radical & disrespectful act that doesn’t represent decent & hardworking Ontarians – regardless of their politics.”

The NDP has refused to make a strong statement of condemnation.

In fact, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath appears to have attended the same protest event:

So, if we play by the rules of the left, then Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP ‘shared the stage’ with people conducting a mock beheading of the Premier of Ontario – a threat that should be considered a criminal act.

This just goes to show how dangerous, unstable, and radical the left is becoming. With actual Communists feeling emboldened enough to stage mock executions, it’s clear that our society is breaking apart and our security is at unprecedented risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter