TransCanada Removes ‘Canada’ From Name, Now ‘TC Energy’

Another sign of how Canada is closed for business.

TransCanada corporation is now officially going to be known as TC Energy.

While they had previously announced plans to drop Canada from their name, that wasn’t made official until today, when their shareholders approved it.

As noted by BNN Bloomberg, the change is seen by some as ‘distancing’ the company from a Canada that is closed for business:

“The company said the name change recognizes its growth into the United States and Mexico, including through its recent US$13-billion purchase of U.S. natural gas transporter Columbia Pipeline Group.

It has about 7,000 employees in North America, with 3,500 in Canada, 3,200 in the U.S. and 300 in Mexico.

But some analysts suggest it’s also a chance to distance itself from Canada, where difficulty in getting pipeline projects approved has been blamed for a glut of oil that caused steep discount pricing last fall and prompted the Alberta government to curtail production starting in January.”

With the demand for oil surging around the world, and with the United States increasing their energy production and growing rapidly, there are great opportunities for oil companies. Unfortunately, because of the Trudeau government, the socialist NDP in BC, and the massive amount of foreign subversion attempting to destroy our energy industry, Canadian companies are unable to benefit from those opportunities unless they look outside of Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Jill Ward

go to and watch:
EXCLUSIVE! Maxime Bernier: Canadians are looking for “real change”

Eric Blair

This name change has been in the cards for about 6 months if I recall from the business press. Similar to our main banks except for BNS and CIBC, the other three have large banking businesses in the US but only go be BMO, RBC and TD and just those initials… wonder why? So there is no association with Canada. Pity.