The Liberals Want You To Forget They Opposed The Canada Child Benefit

And now they’re planning to spread lies about the other parties.

With the Trudeau Liberals facing weak poll numbers, the desperate lies are heating up.

The latest is the effort to falsify the history of the popular Canada Child Benefit.

The Liberals are saying they will increase the Child Benefit in the summer, a transparent pre-election strategy.

But that’s not the really deceptive part.

The Liberals are now trying to claim that Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives will cut the Child Benefit, despite having zero evidence upon which to make that claim.

And it’s even more dubious considering the history of the Canada Child Benefit.

It was brought in by the Conservatives, and at the time, the Liberals attacked it and said the money would be ‘blown on beer and popcorn.’

That arrogant and dismissive attitude was widely seen as a factor in the Liberals 2006 election defeat.

The Liberals are now so desperate that they’re reduced to lying about a benefit they once opposed.

On Twitter, Andrew Scheer pushed back on the lies:

“Conservatives introduced the child benefit. Liberals opposed it, saying parents would blow the money on “beer and popcorn.” Happy the Liberals have flip-flopped. As Prime Minister, I will protect the child benefit without raising taxes on parents like the Liberals have. (1/2)”

“Any Liberal who says I will reduce the child benefit is spreading falsehoods. Conservatives created the child benefit. As Prime Minister, I will continue to protect it. (2/2)”

The Liberals have once again signalled that they will be all lies, all the time, and Canadians need to push back against the rampant deceptions.

The truth must prevail.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

I don’t think Trudeau’s lieberals know how to tell the truth ,after telling so many lies[SNC Lavalin] comes to mind,they are having a hard time remembering what the truth really looks like


Canada Child Benefits is another form of Robin Hood….taking money from middle income Canadians who pay taxes and giving it to low income Canadians who pay no or little taxes with no accountability on how their money is being spent!


The Lieberals were elected in 2015 on falsehoods and lies – so many Canadians didn’t listen.
The Lieberals spent there majority, lying and fake – still too many Canadians can’t hear.
The Lieberals bought out the mainstream media with our money – so Canadians would not hear the truth.
The Communist corrupt Lieberals will keep lying as always – to take our country away and everything else we have worked for – we must awaken the brainwashed to see this.
We must convince them to Vote Conservative to save Canada, and un-fund all the slanted corrupt mainstream media.


Lies and arrogance seem to be Liberal culture.


My child benefit went down significantly the year that Trudeau was elected and has gone down every year since, without family income going up.