Scheer Gets It Right On China

The naive approach of weakness shown by Justin Trudeau has been an absolute failure, and that approach must be abandoned.

Total certainty in foreign policy, or any policy, is generally not possible. One has to implement a policy, and then take note of what that policy brings about. And true leaders are able to look at the facts, and make a change when necessary.

However, Justin Trudeau has failed to do that, even as the consequences of his failures pile up.

When it comes to foreign policy, Justin Trudeau’s approach to China (his favourite ‘basic dictatorship’) has been an absolute failure.

He has showed weakness towards China at every possible turn, he’s let them take over some of our most national security-sensitive companies, and he’s reacted with passivity to every provocation made by the Communist State.

Blinded by his love for dictators and Communist nations, Trudeau has sent a clear signal to China that they can get away with anything when dealing with Canada.

And what are the results of his approach?

Canadian imports increasingly banned under obviously false pretenses.

Canadians jailed (and likely tortured and abused), again under obviously false pretenses.

Canada viewed as a joke by other countries, leading to things like the Philippines threatening ‘war’ over a garbage dispute.

Trudeau got it wrong, Scheer gets it right

That’s why Andrew Scheer’s remarks about China in his recent foreign policy speech are such a breath of fresh air.

Here’s a key part of what Scheer said:

“I will deal with China with eyes wide open. I will look for ways to strengthen our relationship and open new markets, but with the understanding that at this critical juncture we need to show strength and resolve above all else. If this government isn’t willing to stand up to China when two Canadians are unlawfully imprisoned and billions of dollars in trade is under attack, it never will. My goal is better relations. My goal is more economic opportunity. But that can only come after we make a stand. And I will.”

Scheer is on the right path here.

China’s leaders are incredibly ruthless and savvy. They sense weakness quickly, and exploit it. Until Canada shows some strength, and even a willingness to lose some money in the short term, China’s government will keep exploiting our nation.

Scheer has at least set out the beginning of a strategy to end that exploitation, and restore some respect to our dealings with China.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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