STUNNING: Trudeau Government To Drop Case Against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman?

UPDATE: The case against Norman has been dropped.

National Post report indicates breach of trust charge will be withdrawn.

In a stunning report, the National Post says a source has told them the Trudeau government is going to drop their case against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman.

Here’s a key excerpt:

“The federal government is expected to pull the plug on its prosecution of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman for alleged breach of trust, the National Post has learned.

The case is back in court on Wednesday for what was to have been a brief scheduled update on the progress of the government’s efforts at disclosing documents to Norman’s defence team.

Sources have confirmed that the prosecution will withdraw the charge instead.

The tip-off was an unusual alert from the Public Prosecution Service of Canada sent late Tuesday to reporters who have been following the case.

“The Public Prosecution of Canada would like to advise you that there is a scheduled appearance May 8, 2019 at 10:00 am in courtroom # 11 in the Mark Norman prosecution. You may wish to attend,” said the prosecution’s media advisory released at 6:52 p.m. ET.”

It would be a shocking turn of events in what many Canadians – myself included – viewed as a politically motivated and corrupt attempt by the Trudeau Liberals to punish Mark Norman in an effort to cover-up their own wrongdoing.

That perception had been boosted by the fact that while the government pays the legal bills of most individuals facing trial in similar circumstances, they refused to pay for Norman’s.

Additionally, the government withheld documents crucial to his defence, and even when massive troves of documents relating to the case – including communications with the PM – were made ‘available’ to Norman’s defence team, they were almost entirely redacted.

Notably, “Among the documents the defence was seeking was a 60-page memo from then Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick to Trudeau that had been entirely blacked out.”

Many had also speculated that the Norman case would end up revealing political interference from the Trudeau government in the legal system that far exceeded what appears to have happened with SNC-Lavalin. By dropping the case, the Trudeau Liberals would avoid that potentially devastating trial from occurring during the election campaign.

This would be a stunning vindication for Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, who would be entirely justified in suing the federal government in retaliation for having his reputation, career, and name unfairly dragged through the mud. After years of service to Canada, Vice-Admiral Norman has been treated horribly by the federal government, and that injustice must be corrected.

And to make that happen, there must be a full investigation into why the charges were brought in the first place, and those responsible for the attack against Norman must be held accountable and punished.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I hope they re-pay Vice Admiral Mark Norman’s costs in this court case.

Dan Jones

Trudeau has no right to drag this man’s reputation through the mud. Trudeau and all liberals no longer hold Canadians’ interest before their own selfish interests


Sickening abuse of power. Most corrupt government this country has ever seen. Third world is a step up from these criminals.

Jim Berryhill

People need to band together and create a fund to pay for his legal costs at suing the Liberal government now . NO WAY should the Liberals be able to get away with silencing the truth that would have come out against them IF the trial had gone ahead

Bradley Holdner

Is it true that this case has been stayed? As in they can still prosecute after the election, man it’s hard to tolerate this corruption…


Poor guy has had to stress over this and put though hell by our dictator I hope he gets 10.5 million for the harassment he suffered…blatant bullying when our dictator doesnt get his way someone needs to hold him accoutable


If, in fact, the PCO consulted with the PPSC as alleged by the Sun’s Kinsella, how can we trust that that PPSC “independently” decided to stay the charge? It’s entirely too convenient for the Government, entering an election, to be saved from the embarrassment of explaining another judicial obstruction “indiscretion’. If the PPSC is complicit with the PCO, it means we have a major problem with our democracy. Canadians, and the Press have to ensure that this isn’t allowed to be dropped.

Dave Allsopp

Six months of corrupt Trudeau left!

Now, how do we stop this emotionally immature, morally bereft man-child from repeating this sort of behaviour repeatedly as he sees himself failing and strikes out at other Canadian citizens of all types to blame for his incompetence?

Let’s understand this! It’s been said before that he is a sociopath but in my mind it is more serious.
This man is a psycopath!
His history over the past years proves it!