WATCH: Andrew Scheer Delivers Foreign Policy Speech On “A Stronger Canada In A Turbulent World”

It’s the first of many speeches from Scheer on his vision for Canada.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has delivered the first of many upcoming speeches on his vision for Canada.

His first speech was titled “A Stronger Canada in a Turbulent World.”

In the speech, Scheer slammed Trudeau’s failures in foreign policy:

“Being a good ally and contributor on the world stage requires more than just talk. Both our allies and adversaries respect strength and confidence. The current government demonstrates neither. We have seen serious mistakes like this over and over again from this government, and they are almost always attributable to Mr. Trudeau’s thirst for the limelight.”

Scheer said Canada would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and called for a tougher approach to China:

“I will deal with China with eyes wide open. I will look for ways to strengthen our relationship and open new markets, but with the understanding that at this critical juncture we need to show strength and resolve above all else. If this government isn’t willing to stand up to China when two Canadians are unlawfully imprisoned and billions of dollars in trade is under attack, it never will. My goal is better relations. My goal is more economic opportunity. But that can only come after we make a stand. And I will.”

You can watch Scheer’s full speech below:

Scheer set out a more principled, and tough foreign policy, which would be a great departure from Trudeau’s policy of weakness, incompetence, and surrender to foreign countries.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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