BREAKING: Ottawa Police Say Missing Supreme Court Justice Found SAFE

Good News.

Following an earlier report from Ottawa Police that Supreme Court Justice Clement Gascon had gone missing, Ottawa Police say he has been found safe:

“LOCATED | Missing person, Clement Gascon, 59, has been located safe and sound. Thank you for your assistance.”

It’s good news, as many were concerned for Gascon’s well-being and were disturbed by the seemingly unprecedented reports of a Supreme Court Justice being declared missing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screenshot

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Eric Blair

Anything to distract from the Norman case or so Trudeau thinks.


Dementia or drugs? Why was he missing?


Why was Justice Gascon missing in the first place? Did he have Alzheimer’s and just went walkabout or did he have a bad reaction to his meds? Was he kidnapped and released? Was he visiting an “old friend” or new lover and forgot about the time? Inquiring minds want to know….


Why or what was he hiding?? Did he oppose Trudeau and went into hiding to save his job?