In Sign Of Total Contempt & Disrespect, China Isn’t Even Responding To Canadian Officials Requests For Communication

The weakness of Canada’s approach to China is leading to our nation being treated as a total joke.

As I’ve said many times before, countries like Communist China only respect, and only respond to strength.

Yet, time and time again, the Trudeau Liberals have shown pathetic weakness.

The result of that is Canadians being illegally detained, and an ‘undeclared’ trade war by China against our nation.

And now, China isn’t even hiding their contempt for Canada’s leadership.

According to a Globe & Mail report, China is flat out ignoring requests for communication from Canada:

“Canadian leaders have been unable to communicate with Chinese decision-makers in the midst of the worst diplomatic crisis between the two countries in decades, with Beijing not responding to Ottawa’s entreaties to talk amid mounting damage to trade with the world’s second-largest economy.

Five different Canadian federal ministers have requested conversations with top-level Chinese officials since the Vancouver arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou on Dec. 1. None has been successful.

China has not refused those approaches, four sources with knowledge of the situation told The Globe and Mail. It has merely ignored them, despite multiple requests. The sources were granted anonymity by The Globe because they were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

“This is the challenge, because there is no communication going on,” said Guy Saint-Jacques, the former Canadian ambassador to China.”

So, this is where Justin Trudeau’s ‘foreign policy’ has brought us:

We have so little influence, and command so little respect, that China can simply pretend our leaders don’t exist, and pay zero consequences for that disrespect.

Trudeau’s foreign policy has been a total failure, has made our country weaker, and puts Canadians at risk. It also makes Andrew Scheer’s recent foreign policy speech – where he advocated for a tougher approach towards to China – all the more important. We must defeat the Liberals and bring respect and strength back to our nation.

Spencer Fernando

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I don’t blame China. China is giving Trudeau a reality check. I only wonder whether Trudeau’s “level of admiration… for China’s basic dictatorship” is still in tact.


Is it any wonder when a child is PM and knows nothing about politics. He has embarrassed Canada so much that the world is laughing at us.


China just didn’t want to deal with little potato head, although big potato head suits him better. He is screwing up trade with other countries because of his lack of politics and knowledge. Vacations are all he knows with our money.

Wayne Hawthorne

The Chinese have long referred to Trudope as “small potatoes”. No balls, no brains, no hope.


Put the Chinese gal back in jail revoke her bail until all Canadians are released from Chinese jails.


The problem Canada faces it that it has no “leader”. The angry, pathetic “man” in the picture only talks tough when accusing Canadian’s who don’t agree with him as being racist, white supremacists. This is what happens when you elect an arrogant, elitist, trust-fund baby who has absolutely zero qualifications and a burning desire to be the next Castro.

Major Tom

Justin needs to cancel his fortune cookie order………


You should mention that Trudeau just gave the Chinese development bank over 300 million, trying to kiss ass with them, you should make a list of all the moneys trudeau has given away to organizations that report to no one !!!

shawn harris

When challenged by a bully, you can never show weakness or be indecisive, such as Trudeau has been from the start, when China first issued threats against Canada. Trudeau has failed the leadership test on international issues and relations, by relying upon imagery in place of substantive and forceful actions, to counter the Chinese threats. Now Trudeau has one last chance to show real leadership, that is, start hurting China where they will feel the most pain. There are a number of ways to do that; first start by cutting off China’s supply of Canadian natural resources, cancelling the Canadian… Read more »


He has no balls to do anything like that.

valdimir ilyich pugachev

He doesn’t have the intelligence, or the means or the guts to do any of that.

Norbert Kausen

As I had stated previously, stop dealing with China! Cut them off from ALL our resources, COMPLETELY!!! Tax the BEJEEZUS out of Chinese foreign nationals buying up our real estate; the foreign buyers tax, land transfer taxes, like Canadians pay and tax them HEAVILY for ALL empty real estate they allow to sit empty!! If they do not use the real estate for a specific length of time, seize it back. Furthermore, do not make any special concessions to allow them to take out mortgages to make their real estate purchases, because most of them do exactly that and do… Read more »


Again…the boy has NO BALLS.

Dave Allsopp

If Trudeau demanded tomorrow for me to appear before him to justify my comments about his government and himself, I would tell him that I do not recognize his government as a legitimate government and I believe I could justify my statements.

Why should Communist China pay him an iota of respect?

Mickey Oberman

” In Sign Of Total Contempt & Disrespect, China Isn’t Even Responding To Canadian Officials Requests For Communication ”

For this we can thank our “Brilliant” Prime Minister.


The selfie star is an international joke.

Moe S.

China knows Trudeau has no respect or bond with the Pres. of the United States. Trudeau and Freeland have publicly insulted our American alliance. Therefore China has no fear of Canada because the United States has not and will not come to our rescue. Trudeau from the beginning always wanted China as his new best friend and not the United States. Canada neither has China or the U.S. thanks to Trudeau’s arrogance and incompetence.

Rick Wagner

zero trade on everything. expel their citizens from BC and TA. we are sitting on a gold mine of resources, and should command respect based on this alone. we have other avenues for trade. it will hurt, but it is for Canadians Respect and our resources. China will come to us when need be. we can price accordingly then, and accept the hurt now.

See ya China.