INTERFERENCE? Mark Norman’s Lawyer Marie Henein Says PMO Was “Counselling Witnesses”

Trudeau must answer these serious allegations.

During the press conference following the government dropping the case against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, lawyer Marie Henein made the following statement:

“Marie Henein says PMO/PCO were “counselling witnesses as to what they could and could not say.”‘

As Aaron Wudrick and many others have noted, this is a serious allegation:

Henein also took a veiled shot at Trudeau, noting that Norman didn’t fire the woman on his legal team, unlike Trudeau:

This is disturbingly similar to the SNC-Lavalin Scandal.

The Trudeau government claimed there was ‘no interference,’ then tons of evidence of interference emerged.

So, if the Trudeau government thought this was the end of this issue, they have another thing coming. They must answer these serious allegations, and be held accountable.

And if that accountability can’t come through the legal system – which appears dangerously corrupted – it must come through the ballot box.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter