INTERFERENCE? Mark Norman’s Lawyer Marie Henein Says PMO Was “Counselling Witnesses”

Trudeau must answer these serious allegations.

During the press conference following the government dropping the case against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, lawyer Marie Henein made the following statement:

“Marie Henein says PMO/PCO were “counselling witnesses as to what they could and could not say.”‘

As Aaron Wudrick and many others have noted, this is a serious allegation:

Henein also took a veiled shot at Trudeau, noting that Norman didn’t fire the woman on his legal team, unlike Trudeau:

This is disturbingly similar to the SNC-Lavalin Scandal.

The Trudeau government claimed there was ‘no interference,’ then tons of evidence of interference emerged.

So, if the Trudeau government thought this was the end of this issue, they have another thing coming. They must answer these serious allegations, and be held accountable.

And if that accountability can’t come through the legal system – which appears dangerously corrupted – it must come through the ballot box.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ian Lloyd Pennoyer

I consider accountability through the ballot box woefully inadequate to provide redress to the corruption we see in politics. These people MUST be investigated to the full extent of the law. By their actions they have relinquished privilege of any kind.

Norbert Kausen

There must be comprehensive investigations started on Trudeau’s corrupt activities!!! He should be removed from office NOW!!!


People must realize that the government DID NOT DROP the charges against V/A Norman, they STAYED them! Huge difference! From what I understand of Canadian law, stayed charges can be reinstated within one year. They only stayed them to get them off the table an out of the limelight until after the election! If the Lieberals somehow fluke getting re-elected in October, you an bet your sweet bippy the charges will suddenly re-appear!

Ken (Kulak)

Hopefully Vice-Admiral Norman drops a law suit against the government.

Thomas K Ramesbottom

The charges were “stayed” not dismissed against the Admiral ..which means the government has up to a year to potentially re-launch the charges … question is Why?


In earlier part of press conference Henein said Canadians should be proud & happy that we have a legal system that is ‘unassailable’, but you’re saying our legal system is ‘dangerously corrupt’!! NO, it’s the Prime Minister & his Bobble-heads who are dangerously corrupt & THEY need to be brought to account.


Trudeau seems to have no respect for Canadian law whatsoever.

Dave Allsopp

From my previous comment on your article about the (in effect) LPC vs Mark Norman you can probably guess that I am livid about the government’s sleazy activities regarding a true patriot for Canada, Vice-Admiral Mark Norman.

There needs to be an inquiry into the actions led by Trudeau!
This cannot be let go so that it can happen again with no lability.
The government is there to serve us.
I demand answers!

Dave Allsopp

Justice has not seen to have been done!


Trudeau should be charged for trying to influence the witnesses. He has done so many wrong things that in America, he would be in jail.

old white guy

Canada has reached the point where the government cannot be trusted, period. The courts as an arm of government are equally as untrustworthy. The lies and fraud being disseminated by liberal/socialists in this country have eclipsed anything we have seen in my lifetime. Everything from Mark Normans trials to climate change, SNC Lavalin, and many other things, they are freaking liars, each and every one.