VINDICATION: Case Against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman Dropped

The government would have faced potentially devastating testimony if the case went to trial during the federal election.

In a stunning vindication for Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, the crown has dropped all charges against him.

Prosecutor Barbara Mercier said that she was given new information that led to the decision:

“If at any time that a reasonable prospect of conviction does not exist, it is our duty to end the prosecution.”

“This new information definitely provided greater context to the conduct of Vice-Admiral Norman and revealed a number of complexities we were not aware of.”

Norman’s lawyer Marie Henein said the prosecutor “acted in the highest traditions of the bar. There has not been a day that Vice-Admiral Norman has walked into this court that we did not have the utmost confidence that this court would be impartial.”

From the beginning Vice-Admiral Norman and his team said he was being unjustly prosecuted, and this is a clear vindication for him.

That said, the questions facing the Trudeau government won’t be going away. After all, Norman’s team had repeatedly noted that they were unable to get documents from the federal cabinet that could have helped Norman’s defense. A huge memo of Trudeau’s conversations with former Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick was entirely redacted.

And there will certainly be questions about the new information that led to the dropping of the case. Was that info being withheld by the Trudeau government until now? Why didn’t Norman’s team and the prosecutor have access to it earlier?

It really looks like Norman was denied a fair trial, and those who put him through this ordeal and dragged the name, reputation, and career of a defender of the Canadian People through the mud must be held accountable.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Obscene criminal acts by the highest office in the land. Sickening.

D met

I would love to know who told the crown prosecutor to drop the case. Norman should know countersue for frivolous prosecution

Dave Allsopp

Can the people of Canada now demand an investigation into the entire Mark Norman case to prevent such frivolous charges levied against a citizen by a government! More than ever, I now want the facts. This case was why Brison left! This case is why Wernick quit (not SNC-Lavalin)! This case represents the misappropriation of authority by a government by an emotionally unstable man-boy who is ignorant of almost everything about law and government except what his advisors feed him. After all, he doesn’t read (probably has reading comprehension issues)! He doesn’t watch news (probably because he knows like you… Read more »


Charges STAYED.. NOT DISMISSED….BIG DIFFERENCE!! They could be brought forward again if the Liberals remain after October and then flip flop…….
I suspect JWR was looking at this matter as well….and being pressured but could only speak to SNC..


Good! Now let him sue.


Trudeau should pay for all of the Vice Admiral’s costs involved and for the time wasted and humiliation the Admiral had to face and the money should come direct from the Liberals pocket including Trudeau’s.

Major Tom

Pandora pulled down the lid………..

alan skelhorne

and trudeau gets away again, really sickening.


So very delighted to finally see Mark Norman vindicated. What an ordeal for him, his family & colleagues. So unnecessary, so regrettable – regrettable that we have a government in office who have this delusion of all-power, all-control, all-influence. all-omnipotence. Are not ALL Canadians just absolutely sick & tired & fed up with the shenanigans of these arrogant liberal foxes. Please please bring on the ELECTION