WATCH: Vice-Admiral Mark Norman Press Conference

Says he will have more to say in the coming days.

Following the announcement that the Crown would be dropping the case agaisnt him, Vice-Admiral Mark Norman and his lawyer Marie Henein held a press conference.

When asked about a possible apology from those who put Norman through the ordeal, Henein said “Vice-Admiral Norman has been through a great deal. His family has been through a great deal…I think it’s time to say sorry to him.”

Added Norman, “I would like to think that people are going to do the right thing.”

Henein also addressed the concerns raised about the perception the case against Norman was political motivated, as well as praising the decision to drop the case:

“[Canadians] should be concerned when there are attempts to bring the political into a criminal courtroom….there are times you agree with what happens in a court, there are times you don’t…you don’t put your finger and try to weigh in on the scales of justice.”

She added that people “should feel very proud and very happy today, because what they saw is that our justice system is truly unassailable…you saw actually the prosecutors and the judge all acting independently and all that other stuff stays outside.”

You can watch the press conference below:

The key issue now of course that must be investigated is how the case against Norman began, and why the Trudeau government was so unwilling to provide him with the documents he needed to mount a fair defense.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Thank goodness for the Canadian justice system!


Despite what our new Atty. General says on behalf of the Liberal government we should be told what pressure that office or the PMO’s office put on the prosecution to drop the case against Adm/ Norman.

Moe S.

A whistleblower leaks to the media that the Liberal gov’t cancels a contract by the former Harper gov’t for a warship by a non-Quebec company and reassigned the contract to a Quebec company. Vengeful and small-minded Trudeau pegs Admiral Norman as the whistleblower. No doubt Trudeau believes he has dodged another scandal, however, the stink that surrounds him will continue to follow him.

vilma mannarino

Sue the Government for what they put you through….