Disgraceful: Trudeau Government Refusing To Give Admiral Norman His Job Back

After all they put him through, restoring him to his former role is the least the government could do. But they refuse to do it.

With their attempt to destroy Vice-Admiral Mark Norman having collapsed, the Trudeau Liberal Government is still refusing to make things right.

Speaking to reporters, Norman stated that he would like his old job back as second in command of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Considering that he only lost that role because of the case against him, and considering that the case against him collapsed and he was vindicated, it would stand to reason that he should be given his old role back immediately.

Yet, instead of doing the right thing, the Trudeau government is refusing to restore Norman’s job of Vice Chief of the Defence Staff back to him:

As noted by the Ottawa Citizen, “Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan shot down any return of Norman to the position of VCDS. “We currently have a vice-chief of defence staff and he will remain in place,” Sajjan told reporters. “I understand that Gen. Vance, as his immediate superior, will be meeting with him and discussing the next steps. Once those discussions have taken place I’ll have further advice given to me.”’

Keep in mind, Sajjan and the federal government have the ability and the authority to give Norman his job back. They’re simply choosing not too.

As a result, he is still being punished and is still paying the price for something that never should have happened to him in the first place.

While the Liberals may be hoping this all goes away, the continued mistreatment of Norman and the refusal by the  Liberals to do the right thing means there must be much more investigation into this matter, and those responsible for the despicable attempt to destroy Norman must be brought to justice.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube